Pumpkins and Pain

Yesterday was busy. It started with two trips to our rental house. We are trying to get the second side (it is a duplex) rented back out. We have taken time to get it looking really good again (our last tenant lived there almost four years, and had 3 kids), and one of the things we decided to do was replace the flooring in the kitchen and one bathroom. It was supposed to have been done over a week ago. Technically, it was, but the first installer sucked. Seriously. There were huge gaps around corners where the laminate flooring wasn’t cut to be flush with the wall.  Yesterday was re-installation day. Thank heavens, the new installers knew what the heck they were doing. Everything is now ready for me to show it to everyone I have lined up tomorrow.

 If there was one really positive thing to having to make the trips down to the rental (every time I go, it eats up AT LEAST and hour of my day), it was that it gave me a chance to go to the local children’s museum with my kids. N~ got his opportunity to dig for dinosaur bones (he has been wanting to for weeks), and C~ got to see the otters. There really isn’t anything cuter than an 18-month-old saying “odd-er!” and running for the door to the animal room every time an older kid comes in or out. He even knows to pull my car keys out of the diaper bag so the otters will come to the glass to look at them.

Last night, we had our weekly “Family Home Evening” activity. We usually do a lesson, game, and snack, but last night was all about the pumpkins. Saturday was our yearly trip to the local pumpkin patch. They have hay rides out to the fields where you can pick your own pumpkin, slides, and animals for the kids to look at and feed, all for $6 per person. It was great fun, if not entirely festive feeling since it was close to 90 degrees outside (Hello? Mother Nature? It is OCTOBER now). Tonight, we carved the pumpkins. Or, at least, two of them. Something about watching the baby running with the “child safe” carving knife tends to make a person uneasy. We did decide, however, that he could have a fabulous career as a child laborer. Who would have thought that a 1 1/2 year old would be so good at separating pumpkins seeds from the “guts”?

Last night was my first scary mystery pain of this pregnancy. I have had my usual back problems for awhile, especially since I did a campout with the teenage girls from my church a couple of weeks ago. But this was different. I sat down to respond to an email, and I suddenly had horrible pain in my rib cage that quickly spread into my neck and back. I called Sean upstairs because it was so intense it was scaring me. I actually told him that I was going to have him take me to the hospital if it didn’t get better quickly. I’m not sure how long it actually lasted, probably only 10 or 15 minutes, but it felt like forever. I had problems when I was about 18-20 weeks along with my last pregnancy with some really severe pains that they thought were my gall bladder. Fortunately, it went away because it was the worst pain that I had ever felt–and that was after having already gone through one pregnancy and labor (and c-section). This pain was different, but it was almost as intense. I really hope it was a one-time thing. I’m fine now, but I don’t know what I would do if that happened when I was home with three little boys to take care of alone.

Well, I had better stop now. I hear W~ and C~ laughing hysterically back in my bedroom–never a good sign.


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  1. Eesh..I hope it doesn’t come back. And I hope the kids weren’t getting into anything too horrible.

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