The Last 24 Hours are the Hardest

Tomorrow is my ultrasound. I can’t believe that I am already to this point. It really does seem like the past twenty weeks have just flown by. Now, if I can just get through the final 24 hours. I guess I’m lucky that today has been ridiculously busy, or I would really be insane with waiting.

Wednesdays are always busy days for me. I start every Wednesday morning out with a 7:30 networking meeting to help build my business (which has seriously not been getting the attention it deserves lately). And they always end with a youth group meeting for the 12-18 year old girls that I work with at my church. I’m generally pretty wiped out by the end of the day just on that and chasing children. Today, I got to add in a quick trip to the mall to buy new maternity jeans (I am suddenly looking MUCH more pregnant, and Mother Nature finally got a clue and sent us some Fall weather today). I have to leave soon to make another trip to the rental to show it to several prospective tenants. I’m really hoping one will work out.

I’m actually pretty excited for the youth activity tonight. For the past couple of weeks, I have been putting together a service project to work with them on. My mother and brother-in-law will be travelling to Vietnam in the next couple of months to bring home the 6 1/2 month little boy that he and my sister are adopting. This is the second child they have adopted internationally. Their other son came home from Korea when he was nine months old, wearing what looked like cast-off clothing with absolutely nothing of his own to comfort him through the massive change he was encountering. As wonderful as international adoption is, the transition itself is really rough. Imagine being to an age where you are starting to really get your surroundings, starting to understand words, then having everything change. The language is different, the food tastes and smells different, all of the faces around you look different. Then imagine having nothing to comfort you. All my nephew has were his middle- and ring-fingers to comfort himself with which, at three years old, he still stuffs in his mouth when he is upset (well, I mean, he had other fingers–10 total–but those were the two he preferred). Which brings me to our project. I found this great pattern for something called Blankie Buddies. They are kind of like a smallish baby blanket with a stuffed animal head attached at one corner. They are cute. They are cuddly. I’ve already made one for C~, who has never attached to any object like that. He gives his kisses and is snuggling with it at bed time. We are going to be making (hopefully) 15-20 of them to send to Vietnam. Our goal is for the kids to receive one once they go into foster care (it is very unlikely that they would come back out of the orphanages), so they have something with them the last few months they are in Vietnam that can then come home with them. Just a tiny bit of continuity in their shaken worlds. Tonight, I get to take the two that I have made (C’s duck, and an elephant) to show the girls and the other leaders. Then, I will sit and figure up what supplies we still need so I can write a letter to the local mega-store to try and get materials donated.

 *Update: I have been to the youth activity. Everyone loved the blankets. I thought I might have to wrestle a couple of the girls to the ground to get them back. I also discovered that I am definitely better on fabric than I thought that I was. I just need to figure out the blanket binding, and we should be in good shape.


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