We’re Nothing if not Consistent

This morning was my ultrasound. The tech started by asking if we wanted to know the gender. Um, yeah. She went through all of the standard, less exciting measurements first (sure, I’m glad to see both legs look the same size and, for that matter, that there are TWO legs there, but come on…). Finally the time came. She looked at me and said, “Well, there is the shot between the legs.” That was it. No further explanation needed. I’ve seen one of those before. I went ahead and said it before she did.

It’s ANOTHER boy!

Would I have loved to have a daughter? Absolutely. Am I upset that I am having my fourth son? Nope.

You see, I was upset when I found out that C~ was a boy. And I thought about that a bit last night. I wouldn’t trade C~ for all of the girls in the world (or his brothers, for that matter, but I was a little more excited about their genders from the start–I really have always wanted sons). And I know that I will feel the same about this baby. He will be a wonderful individual, and I eventually won’t be able to imagine what my life would have been like without him.

Of course, this means that the name issue is back on the table. We already had a girl’s name picked out. Easily. At this point, however, we have been through this enough times that we know we’re kind of out of names that we can agree on for boys. N~ was easy. W~ was a bit harder. C~ was actually weird, since Sean suggested his name, forgetting that it had been my top choice when I was pregnant with W~, but he had vetoed it as a “trouble-maker’s name.” We’ve already agreed that we will buy a new baby name book–maybe a different font will make something jump out (I’m only half-joking–we really are going to get a new book).

During the years when we couldn’t have children, I always dreamed of having a son. I don’t see myself as a “girly girl.” I’ve always gotten along better with males. I used to tell people that I would be perfectly happy if all I ever had were sons. I guess God took me at my word.



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2 responses to “We’re Nothing if not Consistent

  1. Whoops — well, here’s the answer to my last comment. Now that I’m catching up on your posts. Sweet. Good luck with the new naming book. We’ve been having trouble just naming our one!

  2. Yay, boys! Congratulations!

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