This morning, I did something that I have been waiting and praying for. I got a signature on a rental lease, and walk out the door with deposit money in hand. Then I immediately went to the rental house and pulled the “For Rent” sign with my cell phone number out of the ground. Thank Heavens! No more incessant phone calls. No more trying to return messages, only to go to get-your-rap-on voicemail (Honestly, if you want a perspective landlord to take you seriously, don’t assault their ears with this crap. And if you just MUST do it, at least don’t be so cheap about it that it is obvious that you held your cell phone up to a cd player to get your jiggy jingle. Oh, and while I’m at it, don’t leave the number of a cell phone that has been “temporarily disconnected.”). And finally, no more taking at least an hour out of my day to show the house to five perspective tenants, all of whom I have called mere hours before the meeting time to confirm the appointments, only to have them ALL stand me up. Yep, yanking that sign out of the ground was beyond cathartic.

With deposit money in hand, I made my way to the local mega-store, feeling that I can finally be a little less obsessive about every penny that I spend. (Our previous tenant had to be kicked out when, after almost four years of renting from us, she decided she no longer needed to pay. The house has been empty for months while we did renovations. This has been a VERY expensive summer for us.) I used this new-found “financial freedom” on one tiny little splurge. I bought my new baby name book. This one touts having over 100,000 *usable* baby names. That means we should be able to find at least one that we can agree on. Right?


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