Customer (No)Service

About a month ago, we decided to have our Dish reinstalled. Sean wanted to get an HD box for our main TV, and we knew that the location of our dish was less than ideal for reception. We didn’t have major problems, but reception would go out occassionally if it was really raining hard.

The day for installation came. The techs, who were supposed to arrive between 8:00 am and noon, showed up around 1:00. They ended up taking longer than they should have because they didn’t bother to ask me which TV’s I wanted on which boxes (we did two with DVR’s so that the kids could have their shows and movies for the toy room, and we could have our stuff on a separate DVR). I realized this after they had wired everything–incorrectly–and they had to do it over. I also, luckily, picked up on something one said about disconnecting old cable lines. He had to go back out and restore my internet and phone service because of it.

They finished, they left, and we were happy. Untill the fist time it rained. I’m not talking about the downpour that would knock out our signal before. This was more of a steady rain–barely more than a sprinkle. I forgot to call, but a couple of days later we discovered that we did not have some of the channels on our HD box that we were supposed to. I finally called the installation people on Friday, after my signal went out BEFORE it even started raining.

I sat on hold. Then I had a “customer service” person make me go through diagnostic tests that clearly showed my reception sucked. He then pulled up a weather map and informed me that it was raining in my area. Really? You had to look at a map to figure that out, despite the fact that I already TOLD you? After much insistance on my part that such a small amout of rain had never affected us before (not to mention those channels that weren’t showing up, even when it was bright and sunny), he scheduled a tech to come yesterday. Would I like him to show up between 8:00 and noon, or 1:00 and five? No, he could not tell the tech to call when he was on his way so I wasn’t stuck at home. I chose the morning.

My tech showed up right about 1:30 yesterday. He ran some tests. He changed out a few wires. He told me it was working properly now. I asked what the problem was. He told me he didn’t know, but it was OK–whatever he did must have worked. It has been raining since dinnertime last night. By reception has been extremely spotty (and I’m being generous here). Oh, and my phone hasn’t worked since he left.

Thank heavens for cell phones–I’ll need mine so I can sit on hold again this morning.


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