Cuttin’ Up

Last night was our first big church activity to work on the Vietnam blankets (incidentally, E. has assured me that Tank Boy’s coming home outfit was not cast-offs–of course, I never saw him wear them again, either). I have been absolutely amazed at the response that we have gotten from some of the women in our church. I definitely have some thank you cards to write for all of the material that has been donated to complete this project. Our original goal was to do 15-20 Blankie Buddies. We already have about that many cut out, and we still have huge bags of material left.

At this point, I’m guessing that we have enough to do closer to 75-100. Accept for the blanket binding. We have enough of that for about 20 blankies. And I still haven’t heard from the local mega-store about our request for a donation.

My family had already decided that we would just keep making blankets until it is time to travel to Vietnam (which, regrettably, will most likely be delayed). After last night, our Young Women’s president decided that she would like to continue working on them for as long as possible, too. The girls got a lot done. A few things will need to be UNdone, but that’s ok–they were really excited to be working on them. I would post some of the pictures that I took of our (somewhat) controlled chaos, but I don’t post pictures of my own children so I’m not comfortable with putting up pictures of other peoples kids. Especially teenage girls. I’ve seen some of the search terms. Anyhoo…

A lot was accomplished. Even more awaits. 

I know that the girls would like to eventually make their own blankies. I was also told by one of the mothers that she thought it would be a great way for the girls to raise money to pay for their yearly camping trip. My father has a coworker who wants us to make her one for a baby shower. These things are DARN CUTE.



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3 responses to “Cuttin’ Up

  1. Nancy

    E. is right, that carpet needs to go. Nothing like seeing it from a new perspective. I really need to get it replaced. However, the blankie buddies sure do look cute in the photo. Aren’t we proud!

  2. E.

    Good grief, if I had known all it would take to get rid of that carpet was pictures on a blog, I would have posted some months ago. Very, very cute blankie buddies though.

  3. Mixed Nuts

    LOL. I’ll believe it when she pays a visit to my carpet guy. Just in case–You’re welcome, in advance. If not, well, we’ll all be together this weekend for an occassion that generally involves picture taking. Perfect opportunity for a three blog blitz attack!

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