Why My Kids Play Inside on Windy Days

Yes, that is a rather large tree blown down in my back yard. And yes, I really do keep the kids away from our woods on windy days. When you have over one-hundred trees, it really isn’t a surprise to lose one (or at least have large limbs come crashing down). Of course, they usually go down during storms, and they don’t usually tear out at the roots.

Actually, there is another one down there that I really wish would have gone today. The trunk is half eaten-out by bugs, and it is even bigger than this tree was. The scary thing is that it is right next to a power line. Usually, the wind blows in such a direction that would send it straight into that line. When that does happen, literally a few neighborhoods around us will go dark. Today, the wind came from the other direction. Honestly, this tree probably would have gotten the power lines, too, if it fell from the normal direction.

Which begs the question–whose bright idea was it to send major power lines through a grove of trees? Honestly, the rest of the neighborhood isn’t wooded. Of course, it does make for some interesting phone calls to the power company. After all, how many of you have to give them a call every couple of years to let them know that the power outage is directly related to the now hairless, smoking, squirrel carcass lying at the base of your utility pole? Good times.

In case you’re wondering, here’s my yard (which is the reason we bought the house):


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