The Misadventures of Skunk Boy

Yesterday was a very busy day. We got up early to go to Sean’s brother’s baptism. After the church service, we joined about two dozen other people at his house for a large lunch to celebrate the occasion. We ate a lot, the kids played with their cousins and, by the time we got home late in the afternoon, we were all pretty worn out. We all vegged in front of the TV for awhile, then headed over to my parents house for our normal Sunday family dinner. More food, more cousins, and we didn’t come home until close to bedtime for the kids.

Once the kids were in bed, the remainder of our exhausted evening was devoted to Sean getting ready to fly out today. He has an interview tomorrow for a management position in his company. It would take us to a different part of the country (something that doesn’t thrill me), but it would mean a very significant increase in how much money he makes. He flies out today, interviews tomorrow morning, and should be back around bedtime tomorrow evening.

We all got up this morning and spent some family time together before Sean needed to leave for the day. Everything was going great until right before Sean was ready to go. That’s when something occurred to him and he asked me, “Have you seen Thunder?” We started calling for him. We searched the yard. We yelled out the (always effective) promise of treats. No matter what we did, our black and white shih tzu didn’t show up. As we thought about it, neither one of us could remember seeing him last night.

That’s when we got really concerned. We always make sure our big dog, Scarlet, is in the house before bed, but we don’t always check as carefully on the small ones. They generally don’t like being outside at night. We have a big yard, the back part of which is wooded. The woods are against a farmer’s field. We have an invisible fence for the dogs, and it encloses almost two acres of land. Land that, at night, has a lot of critters. Including coyotes, which are more than big enough to carry off a small dog.

As we continued to look, and Thunder continued to not show up, I could see tears forming in my (usually) tough husband’s eyes.

“Dear, he wouldn’t have just wandered away. He doesn’t do that. Someone or something had to have taken him. I think he is gone for good.”

Sean was really upset. Thunder is his favorite of the three dogs and he was getting ready to leave for an out-of-town interview, convinced that his dog had become a coyote’s dinner. Giving up, he told me that he needed to put his suitcase in the car and leave for work. He headed out to the garage. And that’s when everything changed.

“Thunder! Dear, I found him!”

And there he was, locked in my car. As best we can figure, he snuck in while we were unloading everyone yesterday afternoon. We were gone and/or busy so much of the rest of the day that we hadn’t noticed his absence, and he had spent a long night in the car. Amazingly, my car is in one piece. Even more amazingly, he seems to have maintained control of all of his bodily functions during the ordeal.

He was happy to see us. Sean was THRILLED to see him. Yep, love can even make you happy to see this grubby face (man does he need a trip to the groomer):

So, life and order have been restored. Our skunk boy is back from certain demise. Without a doubt, Sean’s interview will go better knowing that his beloved littleĀ  dog is safe at home, awaiting his return.



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