How Motherhood has Changed Me

On Sunday, as we were driving to my brother-in-law’s church, we drove past a four star restaurant that Sean and I went to a couple of times in the pre-kids era of our life together.

“Hmmm, it’s been a long time since we’ve gone there,” I observed. Sean replied that he had never really been that impressed by the French food, anyhow.  OK, I’ll give him that.

“I just mean, our lives have really changed since we had kids. We used to eat at fancy restaurants and had season’s tickets to the theater. Now we do Chinese buffets and get pay-per-view.”

He laughed and agreed, then told me he wouldn’t trade it for the world. Of course, he’s right. As fun as our pre-parenthood life could be, nothing matches the joy of having our children. But it got me to thinking, “How else has my life changed since having my children?”

  1. I’m no longer a night person. Of course, I’m still not a happy morning person, but my early-bird children have ensured that I can no longer sleep in until 8:00 or 9:00. No matter how much I want to.
  2. The housework never ends. Granted, I wasn’t a perfect housekeeper before the kids came but, dang, they undo things faster than I can do them.
  3. I may never see the inside of a pair of size four jeans again. *Sigh*
  4. I can no longer blow dry my hair and have it be passable. Growing up, I had straight, easy to deal with hair. Then the pregnancy hormones did their weird magic. My hair is now naturally curly. Mostly. Some of it is wavy. I think some spots are still kind of straight. Most days, I battle it straight with a round brush. If it is cut right, I can wear it curly, but it isn’t nearly as predictable, and I’m too much of a control freak to deal with a day of curls gone wild.
  5. Ah yes, the control issue. Of course NOT having children was what really set it off, but trying to deal with three small bundles of energy certainly brings it to the surface.
  6. I went from working full-time in a corporate setting to working part-time from a home office. I miss some aspects of the work identity, but I wouldn’t change the choice to be a stay-at-home mom for the world.
  7. I swear that I sprout arms on demand. Multi-tasking, thy name is motherhood.
  8. I am way more sensitive about certain topics. For example, I watched an hour-long program on the Elizabeth Smart case recently. I spent the rest of the evening reminding myself that our big dog sleeps in the kids’ room.
  9. I can’t watch my husband drive off with the kids in the car without worrying about what COULD happen if some idiot made a bad choice.
  10. Windy days make me nervous.

Yep, that’s a second large tree down after a windy day yesterday. At this point, I have about a 60-foot (or bigger) cross that is going to need to be chopped up into logs. Don’t ask me why anyone would build (or buy) a house that close to our yard. This second tree just barely missed their shed (you can’t tell from the picture, but the tree extends well into their yard, next to the shed).

As Sean and I mused about how having children has changed our lives, he made a comment that floored me. When I told him that I was pregnant with C, he sat (practically catatonic) and stared out the window. After a while, he assured me that he would be happy by the time the baby came (and he was).  During our conversation on Sunday, he told me that he had actually been thrilled when I told him I was pregnant this time. When I pointed out that he had insisted that we were done after C, he said, “Yeah, but something changed during that time period. I’m to a point now that I would be perfectly happy if God sent us eight children.”

Of course, he’s not HOPING for that many. I don’t think. *Gulp*


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