My Froggy Lies Over the Ocean, My Froggy Lies Over the Sea…

But if your babe’s over the ocean,

You won’t get this froggy from me!

Today, I decided to take a break from making Blankie Buddies for my Vietnam adoption project to…make a Blankie Buddy for a friend who just had a baby. Yep, I’m really mixing it up around here! This was the first time that I made a patchwork blanket. It definitely took a lot more time, but he turned out really cute (a lot cuter than it looks in this picture, actually). I doubt that I will do any of the patchwork ones for the Vietnam blankies, since it does take so much longer. I will probably do some for my kids, though, for Christmas. I have been surprised by how much N~ and W~ want me to make Blankie Buddies for them.

Of course, if you are waiting on a child “over the sea,” I’m really hoping that one of these will make it into his or her arms:

Yep, we’re building up a blankie menagerie around here. A dozen finished, about half a dozen heads put together, and about 20 more blankets cut out. I’m excited to send them off to the orphanage when the time comes (and I’m still praying that time will come before Christmas). I really do hope that my intentions will be carried out, and these guys will only have a temporary stay in Vietnam. I’d love for them to make the trip home with kids so they will have something familiar through the transition. And if they don’t come back? Well, I’ll still be happy knowing that they are there for the kids staying in the orphanage.

On a personal note, I’m about to hit the 25 week mark with this pregnancy. I’m definitely noticing my “state” more (although I still laughed when some friends gave me a hard time for standing a lot and lifting a heavy box yesterday). Mainly, I’m just noticing the boy more. Suddenly, I don’t just feel him when I’m sitting quietly. His little kicks and punches catch me by surprise while I’m going about my day, now. It’s amazing how quickly this pregnancy is going by.


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  1. Those are so sweet – what a great idea for the orphanage!

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