Late Night Emotions

It is past midnight, and I’m too upset to fall asleep. This is not a problem that I usually have. Sleep tends to come pretty easily when you’re getting increasingly large and still having to chase around three little kids all day. I suppose some of it could have to do with hormones, but it is mainly something else. Disappointment.

Earlier today, a local reporter came to talk to my mother, sister, and I about my Vietnam blanket project. I was really excited at the prospect of a story being written. She spent some time interviewing us, the photographer took pictures of my mom sewing with all of the grandkids around her, and they told us the story would run tomorrow. After they left, I told my mom that I feared that they weren’t going to focus on the actual project.

I came home from a meeting tonight and, out of curiosity, went to the newspaper’s website to see if they run all of the individual stories there (since I don’t get the newspaper). I was surprised to see our story already up on the paper’s website. I was not surprised, unfortunately, to see that it ended up about as I figured it would.

The article isn’t long, only twelve paragraphs. Five of those twelve are centered on my sister’s family. Not that that would be a bad thing if it were supposed to be about her international adoption. But, honestly, other than the fact that we are donating these blankets to the orphange where her son currently is, she just isn’t involved in this.

Other than a brief mention that this “started” as a charitable project for my church, the people who HAVE made a difference in this project (aside from my mother and I) are completely ignored. There is no mention of the fact that all of the materials have been either paid for or donated by generous members of our congregation–that we have already met our orginal goal of 15 to 20 blankets and still have enough fabric to do at least twice that many more again. My group of 12 to18-year-old girls who are helping to assemble them was completely ignored.

I suppose that is the part that is breaking my heart the most. When I found out that there would be an article, I was so excited to share it with my girls. I wanted to be able to tell them, “Look, you really are making a difference. They even wrote a story in the newspaper about what you are doing.”

I don’t think I’ll even tell them that the article was written.


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