When I wrote my last post Saturday night, I had no idea that so many people would notice it. It certainly isn’t the first time that I have talked about my views, so I don’t know exactly what made this post so much more noticeable. All I know is that, in the three months that I have been writing about my life, the most hits my blog had gotten in one day was 55. Since posting Saturday night, I have had over 500. I’m sure that doesn’t seem like a lot to some of you who have been at this for awhile, but for me–wow. I am really  blown away, and kind of humbled, to think that so many people have thought it was worth their time–whether they agreed or not.

Thank you to those who have left comments. I have started looking at some of your blogs. I have found people that I want to get to know better. Of course, I would never expect people to agree with everything that I have to say. But I was encouraged to hear the voices of those that, at the very least, don’t think that I’m crazy.

The past few days have been great for me (despite intermittent episodes of projectile vomiting by W~). We had a family Christmas party with Sean’s family on a day that “looked a lot like Christmas.” We had a pretty significant snow storm in our area. I saw evidence of the brighter side of humanity as people actually went out of their way to be kind to one another as they stocked up on necessities at the grocery store. My younger brother and his family (who I haven’t seen since last Christmas) managed to fly in, despite the storm. And today, we went to the local children’s museum with a grandmother and cousins who live nearby, as well as with my husband’s aunt and uncle and their young children, who just returned from six months of missionary work in Haiti.

It is more than just the snow. It is beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas. The big stressors from last week are (mostly) gone, and I can begin to enjoy the approaching holiday. This is the first time in several years that we are staying home for the entire holiday season, so I’m not stressed about packing for a two-week vacation. We have only spent Christmas day at home once since N~ was born (admittedly, he was complaining today that we wouldn’t be going to Florida this year, but what kid wouldn’t like the idea of Christmas-time at Disney World?). I’m just excited for a relaxing holiday at home, with the bulk of our family.

Tonight, life feels good.


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