Cash in the Attic?

I’m guessing that you have all seen them–the television shows on PBS or BBC where people bring the junk they find in their homes or while garage-saling to experts in hopes of having hit the mother load. Well, yesterday, I hit something. I just need some expert to take this little find to. Let me start (as I frequently do) with the back story…

We bought our home about four years ago from my parents’ previous neighbor. He had found out that he was dying of cancer and never went home again. His family *mostly* cleaned out the house, and we bought it as a “fixer upper.” We cleaned out the remaining flotsam and jetsam (he was a very intelligent man, but a horrible packrat) and began making a home here.

The previous owner, who built this home in the early 1960’s, would be around 87 if he were alive today.

Yesterday was much like any other New Year’s Day in our house. We woke up, had breakfast, and began the task of taking down all Christmas decorations. While I worked on un-decorating the tree, Sean decided to clean out the walk-in pantry in our basement, since it had become a dumping ground for a lot of our storage. After a furious bout of cleaning, Sean came upstairs with a strange grin on his face and a box in his hand.

“Check out what I found,” was about all he said as he handed me this:

vibrator box

Yep, that’s right. On the highest shelf, pushed to the very back, was an antique vibrator. And I do mean antique.


OK, being an innocent Mormon girl, I won’t even claim to have an idea as to how it was supposed to work (although I will admit to great relief when I took in out of the box–with a plastic bag over my hand–and realized that the piece of wood was actually a handle, since I had gotten a different impression when it was packaged).

Before taking it out for blog photos, I tried doing an internet search to find out just how old it was. Piece of advice–never google anything with the word “vibrator” in it. Bad things happen. Removing it from its packaging, however, revealed a parts reorder form (attachments for only $0.35!) with the manufacturer’s name.

parts list

Searching for the Bersted Manufacturing Company is much safer, and yielded much better results. I got some really interesting information here. I must admit that I was rather disturbed at how much the blender (shown about half-way down the page) resembled my new, um, treasure–just with a different attachment.

Based on the information that I found, it looks like I have a “personal massager” from sometime around the 1930’s or 1940’s. Yep, a sex toy that is older than my parents.

I wonder if they have museums for these things?



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7 responses to “Cash in the Attic?

  1. mama2roo

    okay, so you’re a good Mormon girl–but I followed your link to get more information and laughed my good Catholic girl butt off when I saw the picture with the caption “Big Al and Cookie got off here”. Some things are just priceless!

  2. Mixed Nuts

    Oh my, I totally missed that–I had to look for it. In the context of the post it does seem a little, um, suggestive. ;o)

  3. But I’m sure the device was solely used for sore shoulder muscles…

  4. thanksgivingmom

    oh my goodness, this is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time!!! Absolutely hysterical!

    And yes, they do have museums for those things! Don’t ask how I know, but they have a museum of Sex in New York and they have all kinds of historical “artifacts” there. New exhibit perhaps? haha

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  6. Nancy

    The nurses from City Hospital wanted the “rectal dilators” we found when cleaning out Miriam’s house, to display in their showcase of antique medical instruments.

    If someone would want those, your vibrator is probably a real prize.

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