How Many Things Can I Cover in One Post?

Over the past week, I have had several smallish things that I keep meaning to blog on, but haven’t gotten around to. So, think of this post as end-of-the-week leftovers. Lots of bits and pieces, not all of which relate, some in larger portions than others.

Adoption Stuff

First, I’m really excited to say that my sister got her I600 approval today. There is still one more piece of paperwork floating around out there, but it is conceivable that the trip to Vietnam could still occur this month! I really hope that ends up being the case. They have waited for so long, and I want him to come home. And, yes, that would take care of my fears about my mother being in Vietnam when I deliver this baby.

Another interesting adoption tidbit is Sandra’s post today at Paradise Preoccupied. She is proposing that all members of the triad try to come together to work on open records for adoptees. I think that it is a very intriguing suggestion. Wouldn’t it be great to all unite behind a common goal for once?

Ugh. As I have been writing this, I have had some show on about adopting from Russia. One of the women adopting just made a statement to the effect of:

“I don’t want to spend all of this money on a kid that is going to turn against me in 15 years and go looking for her birthmother.”

OK, that one bugs me on sooooo many levels. First, it plays into the idea of “buying” a baby. Second, wanting to find a birthmother is “turning against” you??? Yes, I really do think that some people aren’t ready when they adopt.

It’s a Boy!

You may be thinking, “Duh, you’ve known that for months now.” I’m not talking about me, though. I spoke to N’s birthmom’s mom yesterday. T’s ultrasound showed that she is having a little boy. I know that she has really been hoping for a son, so I am glad to hear that she is carrying one. They are concerned about his health, though. The ultrasound showed a two-vessel umbilical cord. They did some research about it on the internet and pretty much have themselves freaked out about it. She will be going for a more in-depth ultrasound soon, so I’m praying that everything looks good. Or, better yet, that they just mis-diagnosed the 2V cord (they actually thought I had a 2V cord with C~ when they first looked at it–it wasn’t until they checked again at the end of the ultrasound that they realized they had a bad angle and his cord was fine). T’s mom mentioned wanting to visit, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to get together before the babies are born.

Cute Kiddos

Over the past couple of weeks, my kids have done various things to make me smile, laugh, and basically delight in their existence. I’ll admit, C~ gets the most air time here because of the stage he is in.

Last weekend, Sean and I took the boys to the local children’s museum. We hadn’t been there long when I detected a certain odor trailing behind C~. I took him to the bathroom for a change while Sean kept playing with the other two. After I had cleaned C~ up, I let him sit on the changing table (an extension of the counter top) while I put away my supplies. He started looking at himself in the mirror and posing. I asked him if he was “being cute.” He grinned and continued posing and making his cutest faces. A few days later, I told him to show Grandma how he was cute. He struck one of the practiced poses and smiled. Total ham. Apparently, I was known to do the same thing at his age.

C~ is also having a huge language and awareness explosion. He came to me yesterday and started stripping his clothes off. When he was down to just a diaper, he started yanking on it and saying “Mommy, I wanna go pee pee.” I took him into the bathroom and he said “Mommy, I go potty.” Turned out that he did need to pee, but he didn’t do it until he had walked back out of the bathroom and into my dining room. Oh well, still great progress for a 21-month-old. On another occasion in the past couple of days, he came running to me when I had a shooting pain from a pulled muscle. “Mommy, whatsa matter?” This was followed by his now-frequent method of trying to comfort me–a third eye massage. He strokes the middle of my forehead with one finger. Very cute. Yesterday, C~ brought me a toddler wipe and would not leave me alone until I took it and followed him. He led me to the bathroom, where W~ was sitting on the toilet, needing wiped. For some reason, W~ hadn’t called for me, so C~ took it upon himself to fix the situation.

Last night, during dinner, W~ watched our big dog, Scarlet, stand up and walk away from where she had been laying. “Ewwwwww, Mommy, Scarlet pooped!” I looked at where he was pointing and saw what did, indeed, appear to be a pile of dog poop. This was more than a little confusing, seeing as how dogs don’t generally poop while laying down, and considering the fact that this dog does not have accidents (seriously, she accidentally was left in our house for a full 24 hours once and held it). I got up to clean the mess. As I got closer, I realized that the “pile of poop” was actually a Chewbacca figurine that W~ got for Christmas. That darn Chewbacca has gotten me a couple of times since then. Who knew that a Wookie could do such a convincing dog poop impersonation?

W~ also got his first experience with a bloody nose today. Ironically, it started about 15 or 20 minutes after my sister had told me that her son was having them (they both have had nasty colds). The poor kid’s nose was practically gushing. I would have him lay on the couch with a tissue until it seemed to have stopped. But as soon as he would try to get up and start doing something, it would start gushing again. It took at least half an hour until it was done. He handled it pretty well, even with his brothers hovering about and gawking.

And finally, my funny story about N~. Earlier in the week, I noticed what appeared to be a lump on his forehead. I asked him to come over so I could see it more closely, then asked if he had bumped his head. He looked at me with an annoyed look and practically yelled, “That’s just the way God made me!” before stomping off. (For the record, God did not make him with a lump on his head.) Ahhhh, the joys of a four-year-old attitude.

I’m just glad it is Friday. It is always rough having to re-adjust to Sean’s normal work schedule after a prolonged holiday. And being in pain from a pulled groin muscle just really hasn’t helped. Neither has the fact that I definitely packed on some pounds over the holiday. Sean actually made the statement last night that I should pretty much be done getting bigger (right?) since I’m about as big as I got with any of my other pregnancies. Um, yeah, I wish that was how it worked. Unfortunately, I still have almost two months to go and my body doesn’t have some maximum pregnancy capacity. I had to actually explain to him that, as long as the baby kept growing, I would too (thankyouverymuch). That’s what stretch marks are for. *Sigh*



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5 responses to “How Many Things Can I Cover in One Post?

  1. What a great post… I feel all caught up (yeah right…) but it is so neat to hear more about your kiddos! Been away and missed the drama of a few weeks back. I want to talk more with you about some of that soon.

  2. Nancy

    You’ve been told you did cute poses at C~’s age? Right – and at W~’s age, and N~’s age, and as a teenager and ages in between; in mirrors, in windows, in microwave doors, and….. anything that would reflect. He definitely comes by it honestly.

  3. Thanks for the link to discussion going on on my blog. I know I shouldn’t let myself get too excited too early, but I have some high hopes for bridge building.

  4. Lee

    ok, under adoption stuff…I watched that episode and was repulsed by that couple altoghether. Ugh is right on, absolute disgust. I could go on and on about that one… ;o) Happy New Year! Lee

  5. Mixed Nuts


    I considered going on and on about them, and I was only half paying attention. I especially loved the part at the end where they were asking if it was possible to have their daughter tested for drugs like heroine. Would they have changed their minds if they could and the test was positive?

    On a slightly more shallow note, I was having a hard time getting past the fact that she reminded me of a thinner Beth Chapman (of Dog the Bounty Hunter fame). Yes, I’m easily distracted–lol.

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