Sunbeams and Son’s Names

Today was W’s first day as a true “big boy” at church. He got to move up from the nursery to the children’s primary. He is in the age group referred to as “Sunbeams.” He has been looking forward to this day for awhile, but he almost missed it. N~ has been sick (again) for the past couple of days (really, will the germs in my house ever end?), so Sean stayed home with him and C~. Between this and knowing that Sean’s mom was flying in today, W~ decided that getting to be a Sunbeam maybe wasn’t such an exciting thing after all. I made him come to church with me anyhow. I endured his whining all through the first hour of church (for those not familiar with LDS services, we go to church for three hours every Sunday). I had to pry loose from him when I dropped him off at his new class. I was afraid that I would be met by a frantic child when my last class ran over by ten minutes–leaving him the last child to be picked up.

I was met by a HUGE grin on the face of a little boy wearing a paper crown (and a report from his teacher that he was the most reverent child in the class).

“Mommy, we sang lots of songs!”

When I asked what songs they sung, he told me I am a Child of God and Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam–two of his all-time favorites. I asked what others and he told me he didn’t know–those were the only two he sang. I know they do twenty minutes of singing time (it used to be my job to run singing time), so I know they sang a lot more. Those were the only two he cared about, though.

I asked him if he was glad that he went today. The answer was a definite “yes.” And he got to come home to a house full of his grandmother (here from Florida), uncle, and cousins. It was a good day.


So, awhile back I mentioned that I was going to buy a new baby name book in hopes that a different font would make a name jump out. I was joking about the font, but I did buy a new book. Funny thing is, I fell in love with a name almost instantly after opening that book. And it is a name that has definitely been in every other baby name book that I ever looked at. So maybe it was the font. Anyhooo…

When I first suggested the name, Sean was afraid that it was too “weird,” despite being a very traditional name. I looked on the top 100 baby names lists and got a good laugh when I saw how it ranked in relation to Sean’s name. Let’s just say that I was able to convince him that it wasn’t too weird. The name grew on him and we started telling everyone that we would be giving the baby this name.

Tonight, we were watching TV and saw a commercial for a new show. It appears that the main character has the baby’s name.

“See,” I told him, “it’s not so unusual.”

His response?

“Yeah, but if the show becomes popular, everybody else will start naming their kids that.”

I can’t win.


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