Mother Nature is Such a Tease

I’m confused–isn’t it January? The past two days here have seen me wearing short sleeves. Both days we have gotten into the mid- to high-60’s. Even with today’s rain, I have been in heaven. I’ve had windows open with fresh air blowing through. The doggy door has been serving its full function. Life has been good. Too bad tomorrow is only supposed to be in the forties (which, by the way, is still well above average for this time of year in my little corner of the world).

I Have Hobbies!

OK, I know this is probably pretty pathetic, but it just hit me this evening that I have actual, certifiable hobbies. See, every Wednesday morning, I get up at a horrible hour and go to a business networking meeting. Each week, one person in our group does a ten minute presentation on his or her business. When it is your turn, you fill out a little bio sheet to introduce you to the group. One of the sections on the sheet is “hobbies.” I have always felt like a loser when I got to that part, and would just joke about the fact that, with three small kids and a business, I just don’t have time for hobbies. I honestly couldn’t think of any.

Tonight, it occurred to me that that has changed. First, obviously, is this blog. Yep, I would put my musings into the category of a hobby (I’m certainly not self-centered enough to think that I could claim anything loftier than that).

My other hobby, though, has become sewing. It is really kind of funny. I mean, my mom taught me the basics of sewing when I was a kid. I can remember being in a 4H group for sewing when I was about eight or so. Since then, though, I have never considered myself to be someone who knows how to sew. Then I started the blankie project for the orphanage in Vietnam. And I realized something–I know how to sew! My parents got me my own sewing machine as a Christmas present, but I know it has my mom scratching her head. All of the sudden, I am addicted to the fabric store (much to my sons’ dismay). I peruse patterns. I look at things and think, “I could make that.” Tonight, I bought some great pre-quilted fabric that I plan to turn into a messenger-style diaper bag ( a la Vera Bradley). Assuming I can figure the pattern instructions out–it claims to have an A and B style, but only one set of directions and nothing to explain the difference between the two styles. Even my mom, who has sewed for many years, is confused.

There is something almost cathartic about making things.

More About the Pea Brain

No, I promise that talking about my dog is not going to become another one of my hobbies. But one more story couldn’t hurt.

Tonight, Sean took the boys to go hit up the closest Red Box. (What, you haven’t heard of Red Box? It is new in our area, but oh, so cool. It’s like a DVD vending machine that rents new releases for a dollar a day–and you can return them at ANY Red Box. Most of the  McDonald’s around here have them. Way freakin’ cool.) He let Thunder ride in the car with them. The first Red Box they went to was out of order. They drove to another, then came home. As Sean was unloading the boys from the car, he came to me in a bit of a panic. Thunder was missing. All he could figure was that he somehow jumped out of the car at one of the two Red Box stops. I told him that he had to go back to both and see if he could find the dog (feeling no small amount of panic myself at this point). As Sean hurried to unload the kids, we heard a dog tag jingle–significant, since only one of our dogs was currently wearing a collar with a tag (they usually just have their invisible fence collars on). Yep, it was Thunder. He was practically under the car seat.

You would think he would have learned his lesson after the night he spent locked in the car a couple of months back. You would think that we would learn our lesson and never let him out of the house.

He, of course, was unfazed by his temporary disappearance. By bedtime, he was happily tormenting W~ with an attempted forced snuggle.

The Germs Are Getting To Me

And I’m not even sick. Each of my kids has been going through some weird cold. But it starts out with a fever and a TON of whining. I know that sounds incredibly unsympathetic, but today started the third round of whining. W~ had it first, then N~ came down with it last Friday. C~ started to come down with it while I was trying to make dinner. I have just never seen an illness where sensitivity and moodiness were such consistent and major symptoms. It’s a bit rough (for them and me). I’m just hoping that the Tylenol works and we can all get some rest tonight.

After all, tomorrow is another day (and I’m going to have to deal with it).


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