Just Call Me Martha Stewart

So, I mentioned awhile back that I was going to make my own diaper bag. Basically, I wanted something with a Vera Bradley-esque feel to it, but not their diaper bag (or price, for that matter–I’m cheap). I know that I like messenger-style bags. So, I finally went out last Friday and finished buying the fabric and what-nots that I would need, and started sewing it on Saturday.

I’m finished!

Considering the fact that there were a million pieces to cut out, the pattern sucked (I had this repeatedly confirmed by my mother, who has been sewing for many years), and I made several alterations to the pattern to make it exactly what I wanted, I’m pretty proud of myself to be done with it already. Oh yeah, and did I mention that if you asked me three or four months ago if I could sew, my answer would have been a resounding “No!”

That’s the really funny thing, too. I have found that I really, truly enjoy it. There is something very meditative about the hum of a sewing machine. Time just flies by when I’m working on a project. It calms me. Maybe that is it–I do it when I’m able to focus, so I don’t have the hyperactive chatter going on around me (or, if it is there, I’m letting someone else deal with it and can tune it out).

So, how did the finished product turn out? Despite the fact that I somehow managed to not get the stripes lined up correctly on the front piece (and believe me, I was paying attention while I was cutting), I am absolutely thrilled with what I created.

diaper bag

diaper bag2

inside bag

open bag

If you look at this one, you can see where the stripes don’t match up. Of course, I made sure to line up the front flap, so it really isn’t much of an issue unless the bag is sitting open. And the whole rest of the bag is matched up. See?

bag side

OK, I’m done with the pictures now. Forgive my excitement–I put a LOT of work into this. That, and I’m excited that it turned out how I wanted it to.

Pregnancy Update

I had my 37 week appointment today. Yep, that’s right, only three weeks to go (officially). I got the results of my group B strep test back. Positive. Again. Despite the fact that I was literally taking 15 capsules of various herbal immunity boosters every day to try and finally beat it. Oh well, I get pumped full of antibiotics once again. Yuck.

The baby is still growing just fine. The midwives have told me that he doesn’t feel like a particularly big baby. I wonder if I can hold them to that? Somehow, I just don’t see myself breaking the nine-pound-baby streak. We’ll see.

Really, there is nothing else to report on that front. I opted not to check for dilation–it really doesn’t predict anything, anyhow, so why go there (figuratively and literally)?

Other Bits and Pieces

I already missed a Sunday in my discussions on Faith. I had two reasons, really. One was my feverish work on the diaper bag. Two (and the real reason), was that my mother-in-law was in town again, so we had a house full of people that day. And while I may be able to zone out the noise while sewing, I can’t concentrate enough to study with that kind of commotion around me. I am still going to be continuing with it, though.

I also have a conundrum of a somewhat religious nature that I am pondering. Nothing doctrinal. Actually, it is just that I received an email this week from a woman in our congregation. She was inviting all of the women in our ward who are keeping blogs to email her our web addresses so she can make a list for anyone who wants to read. I’m not sure how I feel about this, and haven’t responded with mine yet. On one hand, I feel like I’m being somehow unfair if I read their blogs and don’t let them in on mine (I’ve known about the others for several weeks and have already been reading some). But, on the other hand, this is kind of “my place.” Somehow, I’m afraid that I’d feel the need to censor myself if I thought that people from church were reading, and I don’t ever want to feel that way about what I write here. Really, it is probably a moot point, anyhow. My mother has already sent in her blog address, so they will be able to find me that way. And that won’t bother me, really. It is just the thought of inviting everyone into my little world that seems odd…

I was going to write about my kids, but it just occurred to me that there is enough there for its own post. Plus, it is already 11:30, and I need to be up at 5:30 tomorrow morning so I should probably be going to bed. I guess I’ll just have to write about them tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Just Call Me Martha Stewart

  1. The bag is cool!!!! And you are so patient and crafty to get it done too, esp with three already at home! I tried to quilt while waiting for Bug and some of the fabric is still in my basement. Good for you!

    As for sharing your blog, if it were me, I would never give it to everyone. I have only three people IRL that I’ve shared my blog with and they’ve been properly “vetted” so I know I don’t have to edit what I say. That they’ll understand my rants even about things like church or adoption or whatever. But that’s just me… I must have my space, this space to myself.

    37 weeks… wow! You’re almost there!

  2. Mixed Nuts

    That’s kind of how I feel about it–I hadn’t even planned on sharing my blog with my family when I first started but, being new at it and clueless, didn’t realize that my sister was seeing every time I clicked on her blog from my blogroll. So she had it figured out within a couple of days. But, yeah, the ones that I know of who are reading pretty much understand where I am coming from (or, at least, will still love me if they don’t 😉 ). And it isn’t that the ladies from church are horrible, judgemental people. I genuinely like them all. I just think some of them might be shocked by things like, oh, I don’t know, pictures of an antique vibrator.

    Thanks for the compliment on the bag. I still have a few other things that I would like to sew before this one is born (including late Christmas presents for N’s bio siblings). We’ll just have to see how far I actually get.

  3. Nancy

    The bag turned out really well. the sewing machine for Christmas is turning out to be a good investment.

    I don’t think you need to worry about people from church finding your blog from mine, since I haven’t linked mine to anyone and have it set so search engines don’t see it. I have my own issues about worrying that people IRL find my blog since I will be up for re-election in two years.

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