Nothing Like Starting the Day with Your Life Flashing Before Your Eyes

I’ve mentioned before that I start every Wednesday morning with a network meeting about 30 minutes south of my town. Today was no different. My drive home included what could have been a tragic event.

That was different.

The highway I drive home on is supposed to be a bypass of an interstate. Except, when they built it, they never linked it back up to the main highway. As a result, it goes from a highway to a two-lane road that dumps off at my town’s one and only traffic light (I totally live in the boonies).

I was driving home this morning on aforementioned highway. As I sped along in the left lane–close to where the highway would turn into a road–I looked ahead of me and saw another car up ahead. Another quick glance and I processed a rather important fact. It was driving towards me. That’s right–minivan heading the wrong way in the fast lane of a highway.

I managed to slam on my brakes and merge into the other lane before it reached me. As it drove by (slowly, but still in the road) and made its way to a turn-around, I was able to see the white-haired old lady in the driver’s seat.

I hope her eye doctor is proud.

*As a side note, I can remember our family being furious with the fact that my now-deceased grandmother’s eye doctor kept passing her for her driver’s license. This was at a point where we were joking that we were going to get braille t-shirts to wear to her house. She couldn’t tell who we were until she had felt us. Seriously, at one point, she confused me for my father. I was about fourteen, 5’4″, and thin with long, early ’90’s “big hair.”  My father is over 6 feet tall, significantly larger build, and basically bald. And she was driving.

I wonder if she ever almost took out an extremely pregnant young mother?


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