Small Storm, Big Belly

By last night, the predictions included up to ten inches of snow covered in freezing rain, with the roads basically being impassible. You know, my imagined scenario for going into labor.

Well, the snow and freezing rain came, but not to the extent they thought. We only got up to a level one snow emergency. I still went to my weekly appointment today, got my belly measured (this time it measured about a week behind), and came back home with no indication of labor in sight.

The home stretch sucks.


C’s language explosion has really been in full force. He is amazing me with some of the things that he comes up with. This morning, he was very determined to keep repeating himself until I understood that “Scarlet needs a drink of water.” Once I repeated the phrase back to him, he took me to the bedroom to show me that the water dish was empty.

Later, C~ walked up to me with a mini-frisbee. He held it out and said “Mommy, I need an apple for my pancake.” I cut a slice of apple and handed it to him. He grinned, walked off, and ate the apple off of the frisbee. Then he came back and told me, again, “Mommy, I need an apple for my pancake.” We went through the cycle four or five times. Not bad for an almost-23-month-old–a great sentence AND awesome imagination. He also said his first prayer by himself the other night. He did it while snuggling with Sean, so I didn’t get to hear it, but Sean said it was basically: “Thank you for W~, thank you N~, mumble mumble, amen.”

I can’t believe how grown up they are all getting. I can’t believe that I’m about to start it all over again.

I guess I really should think about unpacking the baby clothes and buying a package of diapers.


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