Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Cub

AKA: The Great Valentine’s Day Bear Fire of ’08

Night before last, as I was checking my email, I happened to open one of the regular Build a Bear adds that show up in my inbox (sadly, Build a Bear is my most used “frequent shopper” card). They were advertising their WAY cute St Patrick’s day bear. And then, a brilliant thought hit me. What if I bought a bear body, unstuffed, and filled it with flax seed to make a microwavable teddy bear like I have been planning to make for C (incidentally, my intent from the very beginning was to get this bear for myself–you know, for labor–and still make C’s bear out of the fabric that I already bought). Conveniently, I had a $10 frequent shopper coupon to use (really, with 3 kids and 13 nieces and nephews, I do have a good excuse for the money I spend in that store), so I packed the kids up yesterday and headed to the mall.

We picked out a bear with his shamrocks in all the right places and took him to the stuffing station. I explained to the stuffer lady (I have this strange urge to refer to her as the “bearista”) that I only wanted his head stuffed, and I didn’t want her to tie his back closed. The kids still insisted on grooming our limp new friend. We grabbed a gift card for my niece’s birthday (see?), paid and left. After a trip to the health food store for flax, we came home and I finished my new friend.


OK, just as a side note, can someone explain to me why a company would make an adorable bear, name him “LUCKY,” and cover him with three leaf clovers? Would a fourth leaf have cost more?


After 2 1/2 pounds of flax seed and a handful of cloves, I had a warm and wonderful smelling new bear to sooth my aching muscles. I showed him to some friends with small kids at church last night  and they all agreed that he was wonderful.

At this point, I bet I know what you’re all thinking. And, no, he did not end up running out of luck (despite his three-leaf status). I did, however, burn a hole in one of the bears specifically made for microwaving this afternoon.

My kids have “quiet time” after lunch. C~ takes a nap and the other two are allowed to lay down and quietly watch a movie while I get a mid-day break (it used to be “catch-up” time for me but what with the fact that I’m barely sleeping these days…). As has become routine, they asked me to warm up their bears. I stuck them both in the microwave and set it for three minutes. When I took them out, the one was smoldering. There was, literally, a smoking burnt spot in the arm of one of the bears. All I can figure is that the seed got a hot spot that was a bit too intense for the faux fur. I was, fortunately, able to do some teddy surgery after he cooled down. I cut out the burnt spot, replaced the burnt seed, and sewed the arm back up. If you’re paying attention, its one arm now appears a bit atrophied but, to a preschooler, he’s as good as new. And I’ll now be microwaving the bears one at a time, and turning them partway through to avoid another cubflagration.

As far as MY bear goes, well, I had better get to work on C’s bear or I may lose him. C~ is already instructing me to make the bear hot, then carrying him around and saying “mine.”

C and lucky

Valentine’s Day

A little over a week ago, Sean’s dad took N~ and W~ for a sleepover. Sean and I decided that, since we only had one kid, we would make that our night to celebrate Valentine’s day. We went out to eat. I gave him a small, non-flowered diaper bag for when he takes the older boys out. He gave me a ceiling fan with built-in lighting (yes, there is a whole story behind that one). I know what you’re thinking–we are hopeless romantics.

As Sean went to put the kids to bed this evening, I revealed to him that I had a secret Valentine’s Day fantasy. He, of course, wanted to know more. “Well,” I told him, “it involves you putting the kids to bed, then going to Steak ‘n Shake and buying me a Turtle Caramel Nut milkshake.” Hey, I’m almost nine months pregnant–what did you expect?

The crazy-sweet thing is, he just left to get it for me. Maybe he’ll at least earn a back rub tonight.


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