Making a List and Checking it Twice

At this point, I have a little less than a week and a half until my due date (for whatever that is actually worth). It occurs to me that I probably out to make a few preparations for the inevitable. (Incidentally, I chuckle when I compare myself to first-time mom bloggers who have been preparing for the inevitable since the moment they got a positive pee test and are probably appalled at my complete lack of preparation.) So, given my current brain dead state (I totally believe the studies that say your brain shrinks during the last trimester), and the fact that any paper left laying around my house may fall victim to crayons, I am making my “To Do (Due?)” list here.

Read it. Don’t read it. Whatever.

  1. Get all of my networking group responsibilities in order.
  2. Put in skin care order for mother and mother-in-law.
  3. Make C’s teddy bear (I cut the pattern out today)
  4. Make baby blanket (started this one a few nights ago, realized that I cut several 9″ by 10″ squares–oh, wait, that wouldn’t be a square–got frustrated at my mistake and put it back away)
  5. Buy infant-sized diapers
  6. Get out newborn clothes and put them someplace accessible
  7. Buy batteries for camera
  8. Make list of things to take to hospital and start packing hospital bag
  9. Load MP3 player with music to zone out by (hmmm–maybe get older brother to rip a couple of movies to put on it)
  10. Make list of movies that I wouldn’t mind seeing while in labor/recovering
  11. Get reading material for recovery time in hospital so I don’t go completely insane with boredom
  12. Make Christmas presents for N’s bio siblings (yes, I am that bad)
  13. Write blog post about C’s birth for my section on “My Journey to Motherhood” so everything is in the right order when I write my birth story this time.
  14. Ack! I need to pre-register at the hospital. I keep forgetting to get the card from my doctor for that. I think I’ll just stop by the hospital tomorrow and fill it out.

Are there other things that should be on the list? Probably. Will I get everything done? Probably not. And it really won’t matter. I’ve been through this enough times to know that I will take too much stuff to the hospital, Sean will forget to take pictures right away, and I’ll probably be too involved in labor itself to listen to music or watch DVDs. And the world won’t cease if I don’t get the other stuff done–I’ll just have to get someone else to do it for me or wait until I’m recovered (depending on what it is). Seriously, I could go into labor tonight and really not stress about the list.

You hear that, kid? Don’t feel like you need to wait for me to be ready. After all, if I still have Christmas presents to make…


As I’ve been typing this, C~ has been spinning in the living room. Seriously, for about 15 minutes, just spinning in circles until he can’t stand up anymore. He was doing it this afternoon, too. Of course, that time he managed to fall into the corner of an antique music stand in the room and now has a big bump/scrape/bruise on the side of his head.



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9 responses to “Making a List and Checking it Twice

  1. I’ve heard spinning is a sign of autism.

  2. So, how many of your kids have been diagnosed now? šŸ˜‰

  3. Wow, a week and a half?! That’s exciting stuff. I’m too overwhelmed by my lack of organization to even make my darn to-do list, but if I could get it together enough to get that accomplished, I think it’d put yours to shame. You seem pretty darn on top of things to me!

  4. I’d be willing to bet that the only reason I seem organized is because this will be your first newborn, so your “to do” list is longer. Seriously, all I have done so far is buy a swaddler blanket (love, love, love those!) and one romper to bring the baby home in. But, really, until you get home from the hospital, that’s about all that you need (well, that ans a carseat).

  5. All depends on which expert you talk to.

  6. Hi Katie, I have been reading you blog with great pleasure. Keeps me feeling connected with you all. (I read the other blogs too.) I am impressed with the readability of your content.
    1. autism???? surely she jests. I remember being about that young and doing things that zoned me out. My favorite was to repeat “to think that I am really me” often enough to have it be an existential experience. Actually, I have been known to do it as an adult, with the same results!
    2. I, as others, am awaiting the good news.
    3. Skin care? Tell me about it.
    4. No, I do not intend to blog, at this time.

  7. Hey Gay! Mom told me that you have been reading the blogs. This is kind of my “existential experience.” It gives me a chance to get outside of the chatter and have some adult thoughts.

    As far as the autism comment goes, that was Elaine. It makes a lot more sense if you know that some of her kids have been known to spin for much longer periods of time–literally until they threw up. So, yes, she was just being a smart patootie.

    Mom’s never mentioned Arbonne? I’m not selling it as actively right now, but it is incredible stuff. Let me know if you want a sample–just be warned, it only takes a few days to be hooked.

    I hope that you and Ted are doing well. We just don’t get up there anymore. Sean’s grandfather just moved back up that way, so we may start popping in every now and then.

    Between my mom and sister’s blogs, and the fact that I plan on taking my laptop to the hospital (I can get online from my cell phone), I’m sure you’ll get the news pretty fast. And I’m really hoping that news comes soon!

  8. Nancy

    Maybe you need to buy a “spinner” like Elaine has; it might give you lots of free time while he entertains himself. I’m surprised he likes to spin so much though, as he doesn’t seem to be as “high maintenance” as his spinning cousins.

  9. Yesterday was the only day that he has done it. That’s why it was noteworthy to me–it was definitely different for him. He was just having a good time. Part of it was that he was swinging his “warm sock” as he was spinning, kind of singing to himself, and laughing the whole time. It was just hysterical.

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