The Girl of Your Dreams

Once a year, we do a special night for the girls in our youth program called “New Beginnings.” It is to welcome the girls who just have/are about to turn twelve into the Young Women program and to introduce the Personal Progress program (what I’m over). Our Young Women’s Presidency (the adult women over the program) did an incredible job of putting it together and carrying it out this week. Their theme was “Being the Girl of Your Dreams.”

Everything was decorated in a bedtime theme, and different girls were assigned to give talks about how the Young Women’s values (faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, and integrity) helps them to become the girl of their dreams. The whole thing was awesome. It ended with the secretary to the presidency reading a “bedtime story” to all in attendance. I figured she had found the poem on the internet somewhere. Turns out she had written in that day. Since I know that people sometimes find my blog while searching for Personal Progress activities (and since I really liked the message of the poem), I thought I would share it–with her permission, of course.


The Girl of Your Dreams

A long time ago,

In a land far away,

Lived a lovely young girl

Who walked the narrow way.


She wanted to do all

That she was asked to do

And she tried her very best,

She did all that she knew.


Though she was very young,

Only 12 at the time,

A plan had been given her

To help her make the climb.


A climb up a mountain

With very rough terrain;

A mountain full of fun

And often full of rain.


This mountain had a story

And as the legend told,

When you make it to the top

Your gift is greater than gold.


So she set out on her journey

With her rolled-up map in hand

And bravely took her first few steps

Toward this strange new land.


When she opened up the map

To see which way to go

All she saw were seven words,

Said to help her grow.


FAITH was the first word

Written on the map.

And faith is what she needed

To escape the mountain’s trap.


She climbed and climbed and watched her step

Praying all the way,

Until it started getting tough,

Much harder everyday.


She pulled the map back out again

To read the second word,

DIVINE NATURE is all it said,

A term that she had heard.


But how would that help her out

Along this narrow way?

Would knowing she’s a Child of God

Get her through the day?


As she trudged along thinking of

The words that she had read.

Her heart felt a little light

And a song was in her head.


But the mountain rocks got sharper still

And she grew older too.

New challenges were popping out

She didn’t know what to do.


Perhaps she wasn’t strong enough

To make it to the top.

Maybe she should just quit now,

It’d be easy to just stop.


The map was clenched tight in her hand

So she opened it to see

The words INDIVIDUAL WORTH were there

“But how will that help me?”


“Maybe knowing who I am

and who I want to be

Can help me make it through this time.

Maybe that’s the key.”


She opened up the map again

And KNOWLEDGE stood there bold.

Knowing who she was inside

Kept her warm when things turned cold.


Climbing up the trail one day

A sign lay by the road.

It pointed down a different path,

“The easy way” it showed.


But just a little up ahead,

Right off the narrow path,

There lay another ragged sign,

That read, “All that He hath.”


“All that He hath,” she said,

Or the “Easy way?”

This was a choice that seemed to her

Might lead a girl astray.


She opened up the map again

To find the words of truth,


She needed no more proof.


Though the sign called “Easy way”

Tempted her at first,
She wanted all that she could have,

She knew that path was cursed.


The top was getting closer now

It was almost within sight.

She ran as fast as she could,

She climbed with all her might.


Then she saw along the path,

A girl sitting quiet,

“What’s wrong?” she asked the girl.

“I just can’t win, I tried it.”


“I can help, I have a map,”

She said with outstretched hand.

“Let me help, we can make it up,

To see the great new land.”


There on the map the words GOOD WORKS

Seemed to shine there bright

And the girl then knew by helping out

She was choosing the right.


At last she made it to the top

But there was no one there.

Just a feeling of complete success,

A treasure that’s so rare.


The last word written on her map

Was the greatest word of all.

INTEGRITY was printed out,

It made her stand up tall.


For now she knew though the task was hard

The climb had made her be

The girl that she had dreamed about,

Now, that girl is me.


By using the map the Lord has given,

I have found that it seems

I can be the girl I love,

The girl of my dreams.


~By: Amanda B.


*If you would like to use this poem, please contact me so I can give you the author’s full name (and full credit for her creativity).


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