Dear Dad…

While you and Mom have been off roaming the beaches and watching dolphins frolic in the surf, I have–as promised–been faithfully taking care of things at home. All has not, however, been well in the fish tank.

I fist learned of the problem last night. When I went to feed them (the first time I had done so–Sean had taken care of it up till then), I was met by a somewhat gruesome scene. The sweet-looking little Nemo-esque orange fishies were milling about in a group. The other two fish (from what I can make of the remains, I would say that they are–ironically–angel fish) were in a state of decomposition worthy of a CSI episode. When I checked with Sean, he confirmed that “belly up status” had already been achieved by the first time he went to feed them–the night after you left–but that he had been instructed to let the croakers float (or something of that general nature).

Now, based on the bowl of belly-up sushi waiting to return to the fish store that greeted us when we came for Sunday dinner last week, my initial reaction would be some sort of bigger-fishy plague. Except that I have seen the bodies. As of yesterday evening, the larger of the two was floating with one eyeball out of socket and his disembodied tail about half an inch away. And when I made an attempt at documenting the scene, the Nemo-esque fishies stayed far, far away from their apparent new hangout.

So, I have a theory.

Based on the obviously-snacked-on fish floaters, I imagine that the instant I leave, their sweet, orange expressions are replaced by tribal paint, some style of fin top-knots, and little stone fishy-spears. As I type, they are probably swimming in circles, chanting something about Shark Bait’s revenge, and performing cannibalistic rituals.

Or maybe not.

Either way, you’d better not think about extending your vacation–the plecostomus looks scared.

P.S. The whole scenario brings up two big questions:

  1. Just how hot is a fish tank supposed to be? Yours is currently a little over 80 degrees, and I could feel the warmth when I opened the lid to feed the survivors. Which leads to…
  2. Is it possible to overfeed a fish? Because, well, they seem to have a pretty good food supply going without my help.


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2 responses to “Dear Dad…

  1. Nancy

    Let us bow our heads and have a moment of silence. I will play a dirge when I get home.

    Dad says there should have been four angel fish and five tetras in the tank. The tetras are very peaceable fish that do not attach others, so I am inclined to agree with your plague theory. The pleicostamus, well, he doesn’t bother others and NO ONE messes with a pleicostamus.

    Yes, you can overfeed fish. It might be prudent to remove the corpses, if you can. If you can’t, life will go on – or at least it will go on for those who aren’t floating (or sinking, or decomposing, or whatever they are doing).

    We will be home Thursday or Friday, as planned. We are watching the weather to determine which would be the better day to make a break for it and get away from this awful weather with 65 degree temperatures and lots of sunshine. It’s truly a sacrifice staying here a few more days.

  2. Hmmm–maybe the chunk of flesh that I assumed was the remnants of last night’s detached tail was the last bit of another fish. There are definitely no angels in there (maybe a few spirits, but no angels).

    Yeah, I sure wouldn’t want to stay in that kind of weather. I mean, who would want to trade that for today’s 50’s with bouts of violent wind and rain mingled with hail?

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