The Morning Report

Well, I had another weekly appointment this morning.


Despite the fact that I was having contractions throughout the morning (nothing organized or intense, but still…), I’m still not dilating. Oh, and my wonderful blood pressure readings that I have been bragging about? I went from 110/65 last week to 130/75 this week (which would explain why my feet are suddenly starting to swell). I’m still not in the danger zone, but they did tell me to watch what I eat, drink lots of water, etc. since that is definitely high for me, and a rather significant jump from last week.

What else?

Oh, she did a mini-ultrasound to check up on the kiddo. His heart looks and sounds good. He is definitely head-down. Actually, she said his head is way down, which is obviously a positive thing. Unfortunately, she also said that he appears to be somewhat posterior, which is what led to my c-section with W~. She also did the weekly belly measurement, which was about 38 cm. That just seems weird to me–I have never measured behind this late in the game. Not that I will even begin to complain if this one is smaller than his brothers were (assuming that he is still completely healthy, it would actually be a rather welcome thing).

So, where does that leave me? Well, no one has brought up the c-section yet (they will  not induce me, since I have already had a c-section), so that is good. I’ve still got time. My midwife tried to encourage me by pointing out that she never dilated before going into labor with her kids. I guess I’m just stuck on the fact that I didn’t dilate beforehand with W~ and had the c-section, but started labor with C~ dilated to a 3 and managed a VBAC.

Assuming that nothing has happened, I plan on going to a Zumba class tonight. Maybe I can dance the kid out.



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2 responses to “The Morning Report

  1. Oh man, on your 3rd pregnancy and you’re turkey is OVERdone? I hope the contractions pick up really soon and your cervix gets the memo!
    As for why the baby is measuring less than his gestational age…he’s dropped by now further down into your pelvis, so you should be measuring smaller. Especially if your doc said the head is “way down,” as in engaged already b/c he’s preparing to come on out and join the party! Maybe I misinterpreted your statement/question, but just in case that’s what you were asking, there’s my 2 cents;)
    Well, with that snow storm warning coming on, I’d imagine labor is imminent! Hahaha – that sure would make things interesting. Hang in there – he’s comin soon!

  2. Jen

    Just wanted to send you good vibes. You are ok and your baby is ok – enjoy these last few days of sleep! Your baby will be here before you know it!

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