Updates and Idiots

I had planned on writing an adoption-related post this morning, but I know I’m not going to be able to compose coherent thoughts (and, heaven forbid, might write “accept” instead of “except” at some point), so we’ll just go with a little bit of random stuff for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write my adoption musings later. Unless I’m in labor. I’d take that trade-off.

I am going to try and avoid whining about still being pregnant (although, as I think about it, it is going to come up). Suffice it to say, it seems that my uterus is just a really rockin’ place to hang out. I’m beginning to have visions of the baby hanging out in some swanky ’70s lounge with black leather couches, zebra-striped rugs, and a disco ball, and doing the infamous “Ally McBeal Dancing Baby” dance.

Yep, somewhere around my fourth potty break in the middle of the night, all sanity flies out the window.

Well, since we’re already on the pregnancy thing, I will go ahead and share the pregnancy-related edition of the Idiot Files. I have mentioned before that I go to a weekly networking group. I may not have mentioned, but I am currently the Secretary treasure of said group. After yesterday’s meeting (which I missed due to very icy roads and functioning motherly instinct), I received an email from our group’s vice president (who has rubbed me wrong over some other things lately) asking for a copy of the speaker rotation. I told him that I would email it to him and asked if he could confirm whether or not the scheduled speaker had spoken yesterday since our meeting had been canceled the week before. I also asked him some questions regarding paperwork that he hasn’t gotten to me and told him that I would really like to get everything taken care of since I was (at that point) two days overdue already. I got no response yesterday.

Today, I got an email from him (sent both to me and the group’s president) that did not answer any of my questions. What it DID contain was a request for the three of us to get together to discuss it all. Oh, and since he’s all booked up, would we like to do it Monday or Tuesday at 4:00 down by his office (which is about half an hour from me). OK. He is a man and he doesn’t have any kids. But cluelessness only gets you so far. I tried to keep my sarcasm in check. Really, I did. I may not have been entirely successful. Here was the start of my reply:

Hmmm…How do I say this without seeming overly-influenced by hormones? Suggesting to a woman that she will be in any state to commit to a business meeting an entire week AFTER her due date may not make you overly popular. Seriously, though, you guys work out when you want to meet and let me know. If I can make it, I will. But, honestly, I hope I won’t be able to make it.




W~ has been cracking me up this morning (well, during the times that he isn’t making me want to throw him out a window). At one point after he woke up, I asked him to put his pull-up in the trash. I then decided to be specific and tell him to put it in the kitchen trash, not the tiny cans in the bathroom.

“Mom,” he informed me, “I don’t throw them in here, only N~ does. Sometimes he throws them in the noisy bathroom.” I can only assume that he means the hall bathroom, where the fan comes on as soon as you flip on the lights.

Later, he asked me to turn on the television. I told him that I didn’t want it on and that he needed to just go play.

“But Mom, ” he countered, “I think my tummy needs the t.v. on.” As if Scooby Doo would somehow cure some dormant intestinal bug just waiting to take him down. Ah, yes, three-year-old logic. What can I say–I don’t see a career as a lawyer in his future.


OK, a few random questions, then I’m off to enjoy “quiet time.”

First, does anyone have the BabyTrend Sit n Stand stroller AND an Explorer with a third-row seat? (I know, not asking for much here!) I really want to get the stroller, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to fit it in the Explorer with the back seat up. And, well, with four kids, that back seat HAS TOO be up. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere that I could fold it up and measure how wide it is. I looked at my sister’s, but foolishly did it when I had my mother and her groceries with me, so I couldn’t put up the back seat to see if it would fit (and I couldn’t quite tell from eyeballing it).

Second question: Has anyone had any experience with using castor oil to start labor? I have known people who did it and swear by it, but I’m feeling a bit timid at the thought. Sean is suddenly all for it since it worked for his brother’s second wife*. Since Sean owns his own business and doesn’t want to abandon his office and clients, he thinks I should try it tomorrow so that he can get his wish of having this business dealt with over the weekend. You know, birthing on a schedule. If it would work, I’m all for it. But, well, if it doesn’t work, what a sucky thing to go through and STILL be pregnant.


*Minor point of clarification, just in case anyone (knowing that I’m Mormon) just took that way wrong. His brother (who, by the way, is not LDS) has only had one wife at a time. And, despite what an amazing amount of people still believe, our religion not only does not preach polygamy, it does NOT tolerate it. Hasn’t for well over 100 years. We can’t keep those groups out West from calling themselves whatever they want, but anyone who is found to be practicing polygamy is excommunicated from the church.


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  1. I knew exactly what the footnote was going to say and that cracked me up. As for the castor oil…I’m with you – I know people use it, but don’t know exactly how to. I’d google it! Be sure to blog about it if you do figure it out and employ it!

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