All About a Toddler

I have started working on the adoption post that I keep saying I’ll write. Really, I have. Of course, some of the things that I planned to write about are colliding with reality and leaving me a bit, well, grouchy. I will do it, though.

For those who are wondering, I have been having contractions off and on since last night. A bit stronger than before, and they haven’t gone away yet. Of course, they also haven’t reached the point of interfering with my day, so I’m not exactly getting all excited. Just–hopeful.

This post, though, is just to brag on the current youngest, C~. He has been getting more vocal in some amazing spurts lately. Today has just been a constant excuse to call daddy and brag on how clever he is. It all started this morning, when I went down to look for something in our “laundry room”–the pathetic little closet off of the boys’ toy room where my washer and drier reside. As I was looking, C~ came up to me.

“Aurae churj!”


“Aurae churj!”

I tried to guess at what he was saying to me. I asked him to repeat himself several times. The best I could come up with was “Aubrey’s church” (Maybe? We do know and Aubrey who does go to a church, although not ours…).


He then indicated that he wanted to watch the television. I turned it on, glad for the diversion from what he was trying to tell me, and I obviously wasn’t getting.

“Aurae churj!”


It took awhile longer, but the light bulb finally went off.

Power Rangers?

A smile. A nod. A sweet little “Yeah.”

I turned on his older brother’s favorite movie–Power Rangers. A huge grin broke out on C’s face, all the way up to his eyes.

“Tank ou, Mommy!”

Fast forward awhile. Power Rangers now forgotten (my kids regularly ask for shows that they don’t actually watch), C~ comes up to see what I am doing on my computer. What I am doing is searching through YouTube for a video clip that I want to put in my next post. Thinking I may have found it, I push play on one.

“Meet Robinsons, Mommy! I watch! Meet Robinsons!” (At this point, yes, I realize that I am in some ways telling on myself, seeing as how C’s cleverness today has a lot to do with talking about movies.)

As I continue scanning through clips, looking for the one I want, he continues to yell at me, “I watch! Meet Robinsons!” I finally got up and put on the movie. This one did suck him (and his brothers) in for a good portion of the duration.

And just now, as I sat down to type this, C~ managed to grab a toy Pirates of the Caribbean ring from N’s stash. As he ran from his brother, he joyfully proclaimed, “I got!” He then came over, put the ring on his finger and showed it to me.

“An-some, Mommy!”

Yes, C~, you look handsome.

Then it is my turn. He shoves the ring (as best he can) onto my finger.


I have been amazed at how C’s personality has developed. He was, by far, my most stoic baby. Anyone, other than me, who got near him (or, heaven forbid, tried to make him smile) got the stare. He would scowl, then look straight through the offender.

And then, one day, it was like someone flipped a switch.

Now, I have this bright, engaging little boy with a constant grin and an obvious sense of humor.

This is the best part of being a mom–watching them changing and witnessing who they will become.


One more, since he just came to me. N~ had taken a Tad toy that sings the ABC’s from him and run off. When he realized he couldn’t catch his older brother, he came to me.

“Mommy, take it back!”

The toy restored, he is now trying to sing the ABC song with it.


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  1. Oh I’m excited for you…I hope these contractions start picking up! And C~ sounds adorable!

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