Sympathy for the Grinch (and other random things)

Every year growing up, Christmastime always included watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” At the climax of that show, a little x-ray slide is placed over the Grinch’s chest so that we can watch as the Grinch’s heart grows several sizes that day. Then the heart busts through the constraints of the slide.

I can relate.

OK, so maybe it isn’t my heart that has grown several sizes over the past day, but we’re talking the same vicinity. Let’s just say that E~ should be packing on the pounds now. And I’m betting his daddy isn’t complaining either. But me? Well, I feel like the poor x-ray slide–about to burst.


I had a funny story from the hospital that I wanted to write down. At one point after E’s birth, one of my midwives came in to check on me. We were talking about keeping in touch with people, and she mentioned friends sending her clips through YouTube. I mentioned that I had friends and family that read my blog who wouldn’t know nearly as much about our lives otherwise. The midwife started asking about my blog and wrote down my blog address. I told her that I don’t use the kids names or say where we live because of fear of crazies. I laughed about being able to see the search terms that bring people to my blog. The funniest one, to me, is I have now had a couple of times that people have found me by searching for “Mormon vibrator.”*

This, of course, led to me explaining to her why this would bring someone to my blog. She was amused. A couple of hours later, she came back with a sheepish smile and a question. She wanted to know if I had pictures. Since I took my laptop to the hospital with me, I was able to show her right then. She explained that she had been telling people about it and they were all curious. Before she left, I had her email address so I could send the pictures to her. Hopefully, her other patients can get a good laugh while they’re waiting for their labors to progress.


I am amazed at how well I am adjusting so far. OK, granted, I have been getting a lot of help with the older three boys from my mother. But we were on our own all afternoon today, and I survived. We even managed to read two chapters in our current Magic Tree House book (my kids are actually getting into these–I would definitely recommend them). I also managed to pick up around the house some, do a load of laundry, and make a bed (not all of them, just one). The fact is, I’m pretty proud of this seeing as how E~ expects to be held constantly. Even now, he is crying because Sean is holding him instead of me. I can put him in the Baby Bjorn (the most wonderful carrier in the world!) and he goes into sleepy little turtle mode, but it still isn’t the same as not carrying him at all.

And on that note, I had better wrap up. Daddy’s nerves don’t do well with a baby he can’t soothe. Of course, he’s going to have to deal with it some–I can’t hold the kid all of the time.


*Do you ever wish that you could ask people exactly what it is that they expected to find with a particular search term? I mean, drive by any Mormon church and the sheer volume of minivans/station wagons/SUV’s is a testament to the fact that, yes, we do have active–um–married lives. However, I can’t see most of my friends getting into that type of “married life.” Of course, we tend to be kind of “don’t ask, don’t tell” on that kind of stuff. Still, I promise that we don’t have special catalogues to order stuff like that out of.

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  1. WOW, good for you! Sounds like you’re getting into the groove already. I’m so disappointed about the Mormon Vibrator – I so hoped you were a distributor. Just kidding.

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