An Inconvenient Truth

Dear Mr. Al Gore:

Today is March 8th. I am trapped in my house, what with the Level 2 Snow Emergency and all (for those not familiar with snow emergencies: there are only three levels–it has to be pretty darn bad just to get to a level one and, by the time you hit a level 3 they are threatening to arrest you if they catch you out on the road). This is what I see out my window today:


deck drift

This drift on my deck is probably about 3 1/2 feet tall.


table drift

More drifting.


no road

My neighbor’s house in only significant in the sense that you should be able to see a road between here and there.


snowy woods

My backyard. The camera wasn’t out of focus, and the resolution is actually pretty good. It is all of the freakin’ snow still falling that makes it look so blurry.


This blows.

And drifts.

That is, after all, why they are calling it a blizzard.

In March.

How’s that for inconvenient?




OK, while I’m here, I just have to toot my own horn. Yesterday was a good day. Not only did I manage to blow-dry my hair (first time since the baby was born!), but I also made all four beds, did laundry, finished reading Peter and the Starcatchers*, and worked some on C’s teddy bear (which I will finish today). And I did it all with all four kids home and no one else here to help me manage. Woo Hoo!  I may just be able to function after all!

Of course, I haven’t even managed a shower yet today. Ironically, this has a lot to do with the fact that Sean is home and buzzing around doing projects. If I set E~ down and he starts to cry (which he always does when I set him down) Sean feels compelled to stop what he is doing, sigh, and pick E~ up. So E~ is strapped to me in the wonderful Baby Bjorn (seriously, they should pay me to promote them), and I am in my pajamas with crazy hair and no make-up. Not that it matters. I can’t go anywhere, anyhow. You know–blizzard and what-not.




At some point, before the day is over, I am going to post some password-protected photos of the baby. If you want to see them (and I’m sure you’re not some crazy sicko), just email me and I will give you the password.


*I did end up liking the book enough that I will go ahead and read the rest of the series. It was not, however, exactly what I expected/hoped for. I was excited about Dave Barry’s particular brand of humor, which wasn’t really there so much. This is understandable, since it isn’t written for adults, but I still missed it.



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4 responses to “An Inconvenient Truth

  1. Cindy

    Congratulations. I for one would love to see photos of the little guy. (If he can be put down long enough to have a photo taken—or while being held). I enjoy reading your blog. You are a very good writer. I just finished “Peter” today also. I listened to it on my I-pod though. I loved it. It was very entertaining. Try the cd’s for the next ones. That is what I plan to do.

  2. jess

    I found your blog through the comments on lauries blog and have enjoyed following your similar stories. If you are willing to share your password, I would love to see those wonderful pictures. Also, I am at home with my 5 month old and haven’t managed to get as much done in one day as you did today…and you have a newborn. Does it get easier???

  3. WOW, I’m so impressed! Ok, I can’t think of exactly how I can convince you I’m not a sick, crazy whacko, but I would LOVE to see your boys…if you’ll have me! I’m still pregnant over here, and scared to death for those days you describe – when you’re alone and trying to figure out how to swing it all by yourself. I hope I manage half as well as you!

  4. deena

    Hey Katie,

    I found your blog from your mom’s. Of course I would love to see your cute babies. I also wanted to ask if you had seen the movie Big Trouble. It’s based on a novel written by Dave Barry. Pretty hilarious.

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