Hummm, Buzz, Whirrr…

Today has been one of those days. You know, the kind where you are two steps (OK, maybe one and a half) from a nervous breakdown. The kind where you ask the four-year-old where he learned something and he tries to blame it on a stuffed cow, a butterfly, and a little boy from China named Jonah (he gets points for creativity, at least). The kind with yelling and door slamming (by the kids, not me). The kind where the two-year-old discovers how to push the bassinet (baby inside) from one room to another.

By the time dinner was done and Sean had taken the older three boys to go grocery shopping (hence, beginning his own nervous breakdown process), I felt like my skin was on inside out. And I knew that there was only one thing that I wanted to do this evening.

Hummm, Buzz, Whirrr…

For someone who did not sew a few short months ago, I’m hooked. Sean thinks I’m nuts. I’m constantly looking for the next project to work on. I don’t do it every night, but I can sit for hours at a time in a sewing machine-induced trance, joining fabric and thread into something that makes sense. And somehow, it helps the world around me make a bit more sense, too. He shouldn’t complain–it’s cheap therapy. It’s meditation. It’s what can end a day like today on a happy, mellow note.

Just one problem: I didn’t have anything I could sew tonight. I finished C’s teddy bear yesterday. Sean teased me that C~ had better like it since I spent “eighty hours” on it (he exaggerates). It did take a long time, though. And when I went to show him to my mom, she showed me the two-piece teddy bear pattern she found online, and the cute little bear that she had just whipped up using it. Pllllllllllllllllllllllbt! That’s ok, I can claim blood, sweat, and tears in this one. And C~ does like it. He carries his (three pound) flax-filled bear around and instructs me to microwave it so it will be warm for him. All the work was worth it.

inside out bear

There is something slightly creepy looking about an inside-out teddy bear.


C's bear

The finished product. I think his head is disproportionately large to his body, but ooooh, if you could feel how soft his fur is.


The proof that my hard work was appreciated. (Yep, I’m actually putting a picture of my child up without a password, but only because most of his face is hidden.)

So, tonight was not full of the Hummmm, Buzz, Whirrr that I wanted. Instead, it was filled with the meticulous cutting of squares for my next project–a patchwork blanket for E~. I usually hate cutting. Somehow, though, tonight it worked for me. And now I have a tidy stack of 25 perfect squares of fleece, satin, flannel, chenille, and polka-dot Oh So Soft just waiting to be joined together.

Who knows–if all goes well, tomorrow may just offer up that evening retreat.

Hummm, Buzz, Whirrrr….



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2 responses to “Hummm, Buzz, Whirrr…

  1. Cindy

    Kudos to you! At my house it usually ends up that I am the one banging things and slamming doors.

  2. I’m so impressed!! What a great place to put your mind when you need to veg out – beats TV! You’re doing great Mama, and it can’t be easy!! I’m seriously impressed, just to emphasize that once more. That teddy is adorable.

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