Things I’ve learned

Things I’ve learned this week:

Frozen french fries are the ultimate in cuisine to a two-year-old. Don’t misread this. FROZEN french fries. Not frozen french fries that have been cooked. Just FROZEN french fries. Blech.

Apparently, the quickest way to really tick off a four-year-old boy is to call him “Veruca.”

It’s also the quickest way to get him to make your point for you.

Dogs have an amazing ability to sniff out a “special” object and try to claim it for their own.

scarlet and bear

I soooo did not stage this picture. And I caught her doing the same thing with one of E’s blankets the day before. Scarlet was our first “baby” (we got her right after we were married), and I don’t think she has ever forgiven us for all of the other animals and kids that we have brought home since then.

I have also discovered this week that, sometimes, “help” ends up meaning “more work.” Sean’s grandmother offered to come help out every morning this week since I’m “recovering” from having a baby. She won’ OK, I know, what am I complaining about? After all, the laundry is caught up, the toy room is picked up and organized, and the boys have been making their own beds. It’s nice. But I feel, um, judged. If I sit down or turn on the tv, I feel like I’m getting sideways looks (and a few small comments…). In short, instead of relaxing because I have help, I’m working harder on things that wouldn’t normally bother me because I have help. I suggested a trip to the children’s museum for her “last day” on Friday. The kids were thrilled. As we were parting ways, she told me she would see me on Monday. I guess I’ll have to rearrange my sock drawer to prove my homemaking skills.

Finally, a week of a horribly uncomfortable ear infection saps me of all motivation to write. This post has taken me almost a week to finish (how sad is that?). I’m praying for a pain-free week ahead. Heaven forbid, I may have to break down and go see a doctor. Yuck.



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4 responses to “Things I’ve learned

  1. heythatsmymoney

    The picture of your dog is precious.

    Why do my dogs only tear the heads off of stuffed animals?????????

  2. LOL. If it makes you feel any better, I have another dog with a real talent for chewing off stuffed animal eyes and noses. Oh, and a taste for patent leather pumps (which does NOT make her popular at times).

  3. heythatsmymoney

    Any chance I could have a password so I can read your newest entry?



  4. Kriten,

    Email me at and I will send you the password.

    Do you have a blog? You don’t have a link when you leave comments. If you do have one, I’d love to know what it is so I could read it.


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