From Martha to MacGyver

My plans over the past couple of days have been pretty simple. I was going to write a blog post on some random bits of life, complete with pictures (maybe tomorrow), and finish sewing together E’s blanket so I could have my mom embroider his name on it with her machine before she left for Vietnam. Neither got done. This is, in large part, because I seem to have a MacGyver complex.

In case I have somehow managed to not mention it in my post-baby-birthing haze, Mom and Matt are (finally!!!) leaving for Vietnam tomorrow to get my new nephew. Leading up to this has been a huge comedy of errors that, we hope, will someday seem amusing. Until then, it has just been a stressful mess. One of many problems that has popped up left Mom and Elaine driving to Chicago (NOT a quick jaunt from here) yesterday to get transit visas since the plane ride includes a lay-over in China. At one point during their journey, Mom and I were on the phone. She asked me about the baby carrier that I told her I would lend her for the trip (the adoption agency told them not to take a stroller). She wanted to know how small it would fold up.

It is a backpack-style carrier. With a metal frame. There is nothing “small” about how it folds.

This was not what Mom wanted to hear. She thought it would be a soft carrier and asked about using one of those. I told her that the Baby Bjorn goes up to 25 pounds, which she thought sounded pretty good.

Two problems: 1) If you haven’t been wearing a baby, you don’t want to start out with a one-year-old in a front pack–it would kill your back. and 2) Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine! (No, seriously, I use that thing a lot with E~. Mine.) 😉

I offered to get online and look for a solution for her. A few hours later, I was roaming the fabric store, looking for appropriate material for a baby carrier.

Sidenote: I spend so much time there anymore that they recognize me. One of the women who works there, seeing E~ strapped to me (see, I can’t live without that Bjorn), stopped me and said, “It hasn’t been that long!” I told her he was two and a half weeks old, and let her coo over him for a bit.

Anyhow, after a whole day of trying to cut, pin, iron, and sew with “help” from four little boys, Mom now has a Mei Tai carrier to take to Vietnam with her. I am quite pleased with the finished product. I even tried it with C~ since I have never used one. He thought it was an absolute riot. Sean even mentioned me making one for him to carry C~ in when they’re out doing things.

mei tai

The finished carrier


mei tai fabric

Close-up of cute, travel-themed fabric


Oh, and besides being cute and functional, I managed to also give it a second purpose. I made a little Velcro-ed pocket on the inside of one of the straps, so Mom will have a hidden place to carry money when they are out and about.

So, yet again, I have proven that a sewing machine really was a great Christmas present for me. Now, they had just better use that carrier. If not, I may just be inclined to steal it back.


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