Adoption Update!

For those of you following along at home, my mom hasn’t been able to post an update. But she was able to get a few emails to Elaine.

The baby is officially theirs! I have a new nephew (again, officially–I’ve considered him my nephew for many months now). I am so happy! After all of the wacko setbacks of the past several months, and the concerns over the chance of people trying to hold up the adoption for personal gains, it is just so good to know that it is done.

Here is what my mom sent in emails (to read the same email with Elaine’s commentary, you can check out her blog).

Greetings from the beautiful Saigon Quang Binh hotel in Quang Binh province, Vietnam.
We went to the orphanage this morning and passed out blankies and chocolate, took pictures of the babies, and brought Quinn back to the hotel with us. Quinn has a nickname at the orphanage – Handsome.  The orphanage director said when they saw Matt’s picture they thought it appropriate for the baby to go with that family, since Matt is also handsome.
I am having a terrible time trying to keep an internet connection so will not post a blog now.  I have tried many times, and I hope this goes through.
We go to the G&R at 4:00, and the orphanage director and some of the nannies are coming too.  Quinn is well loved there.
He has five teeth, is big, is well coordinated, has a good appetite, and is a peaceful, happy , charming child.
The city looks similar to Hanoi only smaller.  This area is also poorer. 
I will write more as I can.

And then, a little later:

Had the G&R with no problems.  He’s officially yours! 
Will be staying in Quang Binh another night to get Quinn’s original birth certificate.  The office was closed by the time we got there today after the G&R.
The birth mother came two days ago to tell him goodbye and wants you and Matt to know she loves him and thanks you for taking him.  She wants updates and pictures if possible.
Her other children do not attend school.  It would cost about $75 a year per child.  Matt wants to pay for their schooling.
Will write when we can get a connection.  It is very difficult.


A few things on a personal note. First, I am really excited that the blankies have been delivered. I can’t wait to see the pictures. It is just so great to know that the project we started so many months ago has finally been completed, and that some deserving little kids will have something new to snuggle up with.

The second thing: Wow, $75 per year for a child’s education, and that is an insurmountable obstacle. Could you imagine? I spend more than that on a birthday party for my kids. It really puts things in perspective. How amazing that Elaine and Matt will be able to give such an incredible gift as an education to their son’s siblings. While nothing could take away the sorrow of not being able to raise a child, at least something really positive will come out of it for his family.

So, that’s all we know for now. I’ll let you all know when more is available. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers that I am sure have been following Mom and Matt. What an amazing blessing to know that, after all of this time, it has finally happened.


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