We’ve Got Pictures!

But I’m not posting them tonight (how mean was that?).

Mom and Matt are back in Hanoi with Quinn. They have a good internet connection and lots of photos to send home. We have already gotten some of them. Quinn is adorable and, apparently, a very happy little boy.

Anyhow, the point of this post is just to let you know that I will post pictures tomorrow (if you have Elaine’s password, you can go there to see some already).  I will be protecting the pictures, too. If you want the password, just ask (and leave me an email address to send it to). As long as I know you, or can verify through your blog that you aren’t a creepy internet wacko, I will share.


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  1. Hi – just found your blog recently through Elaine’s. Though I do have her password for her blog, I’d love to have yours too if you’re willing to share. I got to know Elaine as I worked on adopting from VN, and when I shifted gears she mentioned you had adopted domestically but at the time you didn’t have a blog. When I was adopting my Delaney in January I had the chance to meet your mom and sister in person and love following the blogs of all three of you. So if you happen to be open to sharing your password, I’d love it! (just tortured you with all that background to try to prove I’m not a total wacko!)

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