Mission: Birthday Party (Accomplished!)

Saturday was C’s second birthday. It is amazing how quickly time seems to fly now that I have children. They grow up at an astounding rate. It was so strange to have my little baby telling me who he wanted to come to his birthday party. Who gave him permission to have an opinion on things like that?! He’s supposed to be too young for those kinds of things, still.

Ahhh, but he’s not a baby anymore.

I managed to have everything ready (mostly) before Elaine, her kids, and my dad arrived for the party at lunchtime (my mom and Matt were, of course, absent due to the fact that they are still in Vietnam). This was despite the fact that I was extremely tired due to my attempts to get rid of the beginnings of a migraine with two Mt. Dew’s the day before (then couldn’t fall asleep until after 2:00 am because I usually only buy the caffeine-free version). Thankfully, the headache had the decency to go away before the party.

C~ was thrilled with his gifts. As I type this, he is watching one of the six (!) Thomas the train DVD’s that he got–four from my parents, two from Sean’s dad and his wife. (Did you know that Alec Baldwin did a Thomas the train movie? Because Alec Baldwin is, of course, the first person I think of when I think of kids’ movies.) His book and art supplies from Elaine and the kids are scattered on the floor (he just told me he needs to clean them up). He has now spent the past two nights sleeping in the “big boy bedroom” on his new bed with Elmo bedding.

And the toy that I was so excited about? A total hit. And, yes, I went back to the store and bought another one to give to my dentist (turns out that my appointment is tomorrow).

All in all, it was a good day. C~ was even excited about his party decorations–Shrek all the way. We even ended up watching Shrek the Third since his cousins had never seen it.

 the bed

C’s new bed


the toy

 The Toy. It is officially called a “Flip Flop Egg Drop,” but I just call it the dentist’s office toy

Today, I took C~ for his two-year check-up. He was a little over 37 inches tall and 30 pounds. That means he was over the 97th percentile for height, and was 75th percentile for weight. Tall and skinny–no surprise there. Well, no surprise to me. Sean was surprised that he was that high on the chart for height. Of course, that is just because he still looks small compared to his brothers.

C~ really cracked me up during his appointment. He refused to talk to the doctor at all. He cooperated and let her do everything she wanted to (except looking in his mouth–he kept his jaw clamped shut), but he wouldn’t even nod in response to her questions. He just glared at her every time she said anything to him, just like he did to pretty much everyone except me when he was a baby. That side of him doesn’t come out very much anymore, but the face always makes me laugh. He gets the same grouchy face as my father. It is just so funny to look at my two-year-old and see my dad.



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2 responses to “Mission: Birthday Party (Accomplished!)

  1. Lilola

    Be sure to tell us how the dentist reacted when he got “the toy”! I can imagine him giving it a trial run!

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