I am pretty darned impressed with myself today. I managed to be up, showered, and ready before most of my kids were awake. We were out the door before 8:00 am, and I was actually early for my 8:50 dentist appointment. I got through the appointment with the two younger kids with me (the older two hung out with their cousins). Afterwards, I managed a shopping trip with all four kids. And this evening? I spent about 45 minutes on the treadmill.

I am mommy–hear me roar.

The appointment with the dentist went well. I had to take E~ since he doesn’t do well being separated from me. C~ went along because I wanted the dentist to check out his lower front teeth. One of the first ones that should have come in didn’t. He has a space for it, but no tooth. I just wanted to check and make sure he didn’t need a spacer there, or anything like that. Apparently, everything is ok. The dentist said that he may have even had the two teeth fuse together. But since all of the other teeth are lined up well, we have no worries (and since he is a cosmetic dentist, I trust his assessment).

When my cleaning was over and the dentist came in, I told him that, being the big dork I am, I brought him a present. He took the bag (yep, I put it in a gift bag with tissue paper and all) and set it on the counter. I told him to go ahead an open it–if he hadn’t known me most of my life, he probably would have thought I was completely nuts (heck, he may have anyhow). He looked in, got a big smile and said “They’re making it again?!” He, the hygienist, and the office assistants (who happen to be his wife and her sister) all thought that it was great. The sister-in-law laughed about how she has considered many times throwing the old toy away but couldn’t because of sentiment and the fact that kids still play with it. She said that she just settled for disinfecting it at least once a week. I looked around online and found a picture of the old one.

old toy

Fisher Price Tumble Tower

According to the ebay seller who posted this picture, this toy was made in 1971. I know my dentist thought his was older than that, but I don’t know. One way or another, it is at least 37-years-old. And it is the only toy in the office. I hope they keep the old one there, but they have the new one now, too. And I honestly think they were as excited about it as I was.

Like I already said, I managed to do a shopping trip with all of the kids after my appointment. We started at the mall so I could get a new nursing bra. Can I just say that the Motherhood store needs to get a clue? I like their clothes and they have great prices. But their layout sucks. A store that caters to pregnant women and new mothers should have aisle wide enough to effectively maneuver a stroller. It is hard enough to get through there with a single stroller, but darn near impossible with a double stroller.

Our next stop was the book store. I bought a raw food cookbook (ok, that’s an oxymoron–a raw food “preparation” book). Between wanting to eat more fruits and vegetables, wanting to lose weight, and liking the idea of recipes that don’t require an oven when the weather heats up, it just seemed like a cool idea. Of course, I’m already wanting a juicer and a food processor to make some of the recipes with. We also picked up another Magic Tree House book for the kids. They’re excited since this one is about pirates.

Sean was able to get me into a Biggest Loser group at our YMCA. I had hoped to put  together a team with people I know, but I wasn’t able to find anyone else. So, I’ll be working out with strangers. I can live with that. I just want to be working out again. I managed to get on our treadmill this evening. I had wanted to do an hour since I was only walking, but had to stop at 45 minutes when Sean threatened to lock the baby in a closet (he was just kidding!). E~ was screaming over my disappearance and Sean couldn’t take it anymore. I’ll have to keep doing these practice runs on the treadmill so that E~ can get used to the concept of me being gone for awhile before the actual challenge begins. I almost feel selfish committing to this when E~ is so young, but I just need to do this for myself. My emotional state is so much better when I am exercising. And I feel better about myself when I am a certain size. Not that I’m heavy, but I have ten pounds to get back to where I was before this pregnancy. Twenty pounds would get me back to where I was before any pregnancies, which would be awesome. It amazes me now to realize how thin I used to be, and how unable I was to realize it. It’s kind of sad.



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2 responses to “Supermom

  1. Nancy

    Congratulations on a day crammed with accomplishment. Don’t feel selfish for doing something for yourself – good grief, you’re taking care of a house, a husband, and four kids. You deserve some time for you.

  2. What a funny and lovely post. Interesting about those store aisles not being big enough for a stroller – duh! haha

    Glad you’re getting more fruits and veggies into your diet. Raw recipes are AWESOME for that because it makes ordinary whole foods so unbelievably yummy!

    Good luck!!!

    Hey, are you drinking green smoothies yet? They’re all the rage and kids love them, too!

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