They Really Do Love Each Other

N’s birthday is next week. Sean’s dad thought it would be fun to do a pre-birthday “special day” with Grandpa, so he picked N~ up this morning to hang out for the day and spend the night there with another one of his cousins. N~ was thrilled about the idea. He packed his own bag and assured Sean that he wouldn’t get sad while he was gone.

W~, of course, was jealous when N~ left, but he dealt with it. I drove down to Sean’s office so the remaining three kids and I could have lunch with him–a special treat to soothe the sting of not going to Grandpa’s house.

We had a good day. We had it on good authority from Grandpa that N~ was having a good day. Then the phone rang.

“Daddy, I’m sad. Let me talk to W~.”

They may spend their days together fighting. Sometimes they yell. Sometimes they hit. But when the chips are down and someone’s homesick? They really do love each other.


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