Things You Shouldn’t Do…

Right before dinnertime, you really shouldn’t give your kids bowls of dry cereal because you are tired of hearing them say they are hungry.

When the baby is crying, you shouldn’t decide he can wait a few more minutes until you get dinner into the oven.

When the baby stops crying, you shouldn’t pat yourself on the back for having the foresight to realize that he wasn’t really that hungry yet.

But if you DO do these things one evening…

Don’t be surprised, when you finally walk out of the kitchen, to see the two-year-old with his hand by the baby’s mouth, and hear the baby making happy sucking noises as he joyfully gums the “magically delicious” dehydrated marshmallow that has been shoved in his mouth. And, since there is something strangely gratifying about a dehydrated marshmallow, don’t be surprised when the baby gets ticked off at you for taking the tasty choking hazard out of his mouth.

If I didn’t have so much help, I might actually get things accomplished.


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