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My New Favorite Blog

OK, I stumbled across a blog yesterday that I had never seen before. And I’m hooked. Now, I’ll admit, you may need to be female, have a sense of humor, and not be easily offended to enjoy it (oh, and having been pregnant will also help). Of course, even Sean has laughed at the posts I have read to him. So what is it?

Tales from Labor and Delivery.

It is written by a labor and delivery nurse (I suspect that she must be in a big city hospital). The entire thing is stories of the weird and wacky things that happen in childbirth. I will warn my more sensitive readers that there is the occasional foul language (um, yeah, she’s talking about childbirth after all–it brings that out in a lot of people). Anyhow, it is too funny. The most recent post reminds me of the fertility specialist that Sean and I saw years ago. He insisted that he could “give us the baby that our God wouldn’t.” Somehow, the fact that he had a handle-bar mustache made it strangely easy to write off his anti-religious ranting. (Oh, and my OB used to work closely with him and assured me that he would let this man know that my God decided to provide me with children after all.)

And, I suppose if I’m going to talk about blogs that I have found, it is worth mentioning the Free Range Kids blog. If you have seen anything lately about the New York City columnist who is getting a lot of flak for letting her 9-year-old son ride the subway alone, this is her new blog. If you haven’t heard the story, you can read about it there. I certainly find it interesting (especially some of the statistics that she sites), especially since I’m so neurotic that I get nervous letting N~ go to the bathroom by himself at church.

I would actually love to discuss this blog a lot more (go ahead, tell me what you think!), but it will have to wait for another day. I have a whole other post that I really want to write and I am having some real pain issues in my little finger (?) that is making typing really uncomfortable.


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