Going to Church is Like…

I have recently been watching a new show called The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom. For those who aren’t familiar, the show takes women who have made the determination that the best thing for their family is for them to stay home with their kids and offers them the chance to spend a week doing the career that they abandoned for motherhood. At the end of the show they (Oh my gosh!) offer these women the dream job/internship/schooling that would allow them to abandon their decision to be a full-time mother. I’m impressed with the ones who turn the opportunity down.

But that’s not my point right now.

A couple of weeks back, the woman on the show was returning to her previous life as a stand-up comedian. She was using her experiences as a mother to write her set. One of the things she said just cracked me up. Paraphrasing:

“Sex after having a baby is like going to the gym. You really aren’t interested in going but, once you finish, you’re glad you did it.”

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! *Sniff*

OK, so will you think I’m a total heretic if I say that taking kids to church falls in that category, too?

On the way to church this morning, W~ started letting out little, obviously forced, coughs.

“I’m coughing. If I go in the Primary with the other kids, I’ll cough and then they will get sick. I’d better not go to church.”

Mmmm hmmmm. Nice try, kid.

Of course (like every Sunday), he came flying out of his class after church was over with a big grin on his face.

“Mommy! I colored this, and I made a collar. Maybe the collar could go on the dogs. If my brothers tear it, I’ll have to fix it with tape. Or, next week, my teacher will have to give me another one. My teacher said that we work five days during the week…” And on, and on.

We go through it every week. They start trying to convince me to not take them to church on Saturday night. By the time it’s over on Sunday, they are all grins and excitement (except maybe C–he falls asleep sometimes, still).

Part of me can’t understand why we go through it every week. But, what can I say? The joke was funny because it was true. If I hold my kids to that standard, I might give someone else some ammo.

After all, I’m not always up for a workout… 😉


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