No, this isn’t a post about the baby (although E~ is now cooing and has started to giggle some–waaaay cute!).

Actually, I suppose a more appropriate title would be “Firsts in a while.” But that is sort of nonsensical.

I mentioned earlier this week that I have started taking voice lessons. I have always loved to sing. The summer between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college, I took about a month’s worth of voice lessons. My teacher tried to convince me to major in music. I told her that, no, I was going to be an English teacher and “make a difference.” Ha! Ask me now what I think of government schools. (Hint: I already have enrolled N~ in a virtual charter/homeschool program for next year.) Anyhoo…

So, I started voice lessons three weeks ago. My teacher asked me the first week to participate in our ward’s (ward=Mormon congregation) classical recital. She chose a song for me that I had never heard before, “The Curse” from the movie version of Rigoletto. It is a beautiful song.

(OK, I thought I would try going to YouTube and see if I could find a video of the song for you to watch. And guess what I found???

The video is jerky, the sound quality isn’t great. BUT…It’s my teacher, singing the song! Yep, that’s the lovely lady that is teaching me to sing better! I couldn’t resist showing you off, Jill.)

Last night was the recital. It was the first time that I had sung a solo in quite awhile. I was definitely nervous. My hands shook when I had to turn the pages of my music. I swear, my mouth was shaking when I sung my high A flat (I had mental images of horrible, contorting expressions on my face at that moment). But  I think that I did pretty well. Of course, as I told my mother (who accompanied me) as we were walking up to perform, I could have screwed up as much as I wanted and it wouldn’t have mattered–I sang right after Jill belted out a gorgeous opera piece. I was feeling a little, um, less. (Of course, I found out that I was right after her because she had ordered the performers by age–youngest to oldest. Out of ten performers, only two came after me. Um, yeah, kind of depressing. 😉 )


Now, in honor of another first, we must pause for another YouTube gem.

We live close enough to King’s Island that Sean’s dad gets our family season’s passes for Christmas. The drive there takes us past this church and its, um, unique statue. Please don’t misunderstand, I know nothing about the church, their beliefs, etc. I’m not trying to make fun of them, I just wonder if there wasn’t a better use of the money spent to create an enormous statue of a drowning Jesus signaling a touchdown. Like, maybe, feeding a village. Especially since there is already a ridiculous statue-landmark right next door, in the form of an anatomically correct horse over a flea market sign (its “correctness” is obvious from its bucking pose). Yes, it makes for a rather strange minute or so of driving down interstate 75.

So, anyhow, today was our first trip of the season to King’s Island. Good times. N~ was excited because he is finally tall enough for the Avatar ride (then he white-knuckled it through the whole thing and didn’t ask to ride again). W~ is now tall enough for the “big kid” roller coaster, and C~ just barely made it onto the little kid roller coaster. It was a day of new experiences for them all.

E~ slept happily in our new stroller off and on throughout the whole day (I cannot say enough positive things about the stroller–LOVE it).

A good day was had by all, and we did a pretty wonderful job of completely wearing our kids out. Of course, I managed to pick up a lovely sunburn in the process. It’s stupid, really. I brought sunscreen. I put it on the kids. I just didn’t think that I needed it. Duh! My arms and chest area are telling a different tale.

It has been a wonderful day. But now, it is time for bed. Tomorrow will be another first–we get to make the two-hour drive up to Radiator Springs to see Elaine’s house for the first time.

Everyone have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Firsts

  1. Nancy

    So, there were only two after you. Tell the whole truth – three of the performers were children and two were adolescents. That puts you in the middle of the adults – not a bad place to be.

  2. Lilola

    And it just means that the older we get, the more nervous we become – and we chicken out! And since I was last…. ’nuff said!

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