Toddler Fun

C~ cracks me up. Especially when I can keep a pacifier out of his mouth–he talks so much more, then. (Yes, we have got to break him of it. I didn’t let his brothers have theirs after their second birthdays, but I have been a bit more lenient for him since E~ was born so close to his birthday.) So, a couple of quick, cute things the C-man has done today.

When I finally was ready to eat breakfast this morning, I discovered a severe lack of milk to drench my cereal in. No problem! I grabbed my bowl and headed next door to steal some milk from mom (whole milk–blech!). Two minutes later, I was back in my house with ready-to-eat cereal. But I could hear this suspicious crinkling sound in my kitchen. I went to check, and found C~ squatting on the floor, my unopened bag of crispy mint M&M’s (Mother’s Day present from Elaine–YUM!) in front of him, and safety scissors in his hand. Sneaky little imp! Luckily, his scissor skills aren’t that advanced, yet, and my M&M supply stayed secure.

Of course, another two minutes passed and I discovered that he had gone digging through my diaper bag and stolen a piece of gum. I had to physically pry his mouth open to get it out. He was not going to be denied another treat (and I was not going to reward him for digging through my stuff).

And now, as I sit here eating lunch, he has gotten me to giggle. I made him a sandwich, with string cheese and a piece of banana. As he ate, he looked at me and said, “I want an orange apple, Mommy!” OK, you have to live in my life to know just how adorably cute it was. He has developed a recent love of oranges, but hasn’t gotten the concept that they aren’t apples. It would produce great frustration on his part when he would ask for an apple and I wouldn’t grab the desired fruit. So “orange apple” is cute (and helpful!).

Oh, so many other cute things I could talk about. And some, I will. But not in this post. I have others that need written, and the cuteness will be covered, there.



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2 responses to “Toddler Fun

  1. Crispy mint m&ms?? I only knew about the regular crispy m&ms – which happen to be my favorite m&ms of all time. :o)

  2. It’s something they are doing to promote the new Indiana Jones movie (so if you see M&M’s with Indy on them, you’ve hit gold!). The crispies are kind of like a wafer cookie inside of an M&M. They are heavenly.

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