Sean just called me a little bit ago. The digital camera he has at his office isn’t working.


OK, no, I don’t usually celebrate things like that. But, the thing is, he has to have a digital camera. He has to keep pictures of every house he writes insurance for on file. So he has to replace the broken one. Quickly. And, well, I’ve never been overly fond of my current camera…

Starting to understand?

He has offered to take my wimpy five megapixel camera with a crappy close-up macro and buy me a new, upgraded camera!

So, I need to figure out what I want. That’s where you all come in. Can anyone suggest a good camera? Here are my wants/needs:

  • Not overly expensive. There, I said it. We’re not made of money. We are planning a trip to Disney next month, so it isn’t exactly the best time to go blowing any more money. So I need to stay on the reasonable side of things. That being said…
  • I’d like to get in the eight megapixel or above category.
  • I’d like to be able to take close-up pictures that don’t look like these.
  • The ability to take decent video clips with audio is a must.
  • Probably a given, but it needs an expansion slot for an SD card.

So, any recommendations? Even if you don’t have a specific camera to recommend, do you have a good place to buy from? I am not averse to buying a reconditioned camera, as long as it has a good warranty on it.


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4 responses to “Recommendations?

  1. Nancy

    Call your Dad. The one he bought for me fills all your needs, but I don’t know where he got it.

  2. I LOVE the Canon S3 that I have but it isn’t 8 megapixels and its a few years old. It is perfection to me. It shoots amazing macros and great video. It is what I use exclusively for the above to things. It also has amazing zoom, a great display, etc. There is a newer versions now – the S5 that is 8 megapizels. I’m sure it is just as great. You can buy the S3 from B&H (my favorite place for photography equipment) for $200 and the S5 is in the low $300’s.

  3. We buy all of our electronics online at & that is where I bought my kodak easy share camera, which I LOVE! We also have a SONY digital camcorder. From what I understand (and I could be totally wrong here) is that digital camcorders and digital cameras don’t perform the others’ function equally as well, meaning the digital camera takes great pictures but not great video and the digital camcorder takes great video but not great pictures? Make sense? Good luck!

  4. Cindy

    I’ll trade you for your 5mp. Mine is 3.2! (and you thought your camera was crappy!)

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