If Life Had a Soundtrack, My Kids Would Sound Like a Vonage Commercial

I couldn’t find a commercial exactly like I wanted–one with the music playing while people did idiotic things like skiing off of a roof. Well, I could find plenty of homemade versions, a la Johnny Knoxville, but they pushed the limits of my sensibilities.

I stepped outside the other day to witness a fantastic display of my sons’ “creativity.” N~ was sitting on a sled (don’t ask me where we had a sled accessible at this point…). One end of a long jump rope was tied to the handle of the sled. The other end was tied around W’s waist. W~, who is pretty much built like an ox, was playing the role of sled dog and pulling N~ down the hill. It is probably a miracle that neither one was hurt. Of course I, out of great concern for their safety, grabbed the camera and took pictures.

Then, yesterday, we went to Sean’s cousin’s graduation party. They have a pool at their house, so we brought the swimsuits and water wings, prepared for fun. Of course, we first reminded W~ of an unfortunate incident last week when he decided to take off his water wings and jump in his grandpa’s pool when Sean had his back turned. Fortunately, Sean turned back around in time. When I asked W~ what happened there, he told me “I drowned” (which still makes my mama-heart skip a beat). He remembered, and he earnestly promised to keep his water wings on. He kept his promise, gleefully paddling around and jumping off of the diving board (he started doing this last summer, when he was still two). After awhile, Sean and the kids got out to eat.

It didn’t take long after eating for the kids to want to swim again. I was inside nursing the baby. Sean had gotten N~ ready and asked his 14-year-old niece, M1 (all four kids in that family have exactly the same initials) to watch N~ while he took W~ and C~ inside to get them ready. W~ went to the bathroom, then walked outside while Sean was still changing C~. By the time he came out, M1 was next to the pool, her sundress (and everything else about her) soaking wet. W~ had forgotten that he didn’t have his water wings on yet, and had jumped into the deep end. Thank heavens she was paying attention. We really need to get those kids some swimming lessons (and I need to teach daddy to never let them out of his sight if I’m not around).

Other than that particular heart-stopping moment, we really did have a good time. All three older boys enjoyed the pool. Even cautious N~ eventually jumped off of the diving board a couple of times (although he kept an extra floatation device strapped to him and wasn’t doing the cannon balls that his little brother does–they have very different personalities). And, oh, how they slept last night!


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