Down to the Wire

What happened to Sunday being a day of rest?

OK, in all honesty, Sundays never feel very restful for me. I mean, come on, trying to deal with four wiggly boys five and younger through an hour+ sacrament meeting? Restful doesn’t begin to describe it–more like sweat inducing. Oh, speaking of which, Sean had his first week with his new primary class. Let’s just say that he came home proclaiming our children’s extreme reverence. Amazing what perspective can do.

But that is the great thing about Sundays. For two hours, someone else takes my kids and teaches them about being good people. Two whole hours of only having the baby AND getting to listen to uplifting gospel messages. God bless the primary teachers and presidency. Really.

But I didn’t get my two hours this week. All of my kids have been fighting colds. It’s not that they didn’t feel well enough, but you just don’t want to be that parent who sticks your hacking kid in a room full of healthy ones. So I stayed home and let Sean go fulfill his teaching duties. By the time he came home I had:

  • Dressed the kids
  • Made the beds
  • Vacuumed
  • Prepared and taught a primary lesson to my kids (yep, we still made an attempt at keeping it Sunday)
  • Cleaned up the kitchen
  • Did laundry
  • Sang songs with the kids
  • Negotiated the great peace treaty of the Western Block (OK, I sorted out blocks into equal piles so they would stop yelling at me about who had more and wasn’t sharing)
  • Made and ate lunch
  • Put the kids down for naps/quiet time

The rest of my day was much of the same. Cleaning, organizing, preparing, and making lists. Why? Because…Drumroll please…

We leave tomorrow for Florida!

Every year, Sean’s company does a trip for the agents who meet certain goals. In five years, we’ve only missed it once. This year’s trip is to Orlando, so tomorrow starts the drive…

And, of course, every year Sean tells me how much he appreciates all that I do in getting us ready to leave. I believe him. Of course, I still don’t think that he even begins to comprehend just how much I really do to prepare for a trip like this. The preparation takes good chunks of several days leading up to it, and the actual packing takes several hours (even though everything is listed and organized).

And, of course, I end up doing weird things like making dog tags for my children (Don’t worry, they aren’t shaped like bones. I’m talking military style, but with their names and mine and Sean’s cell phone numbers in case they get separated from us at a theme park. No, it’s never happened, but I’m neurotic.), and sewing portable DVD holders that can hang from the back of a seat (haven’t even bought the fabric yet). Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be a late night.

On the plus side, preparation for this trip has forced a couple of issues that should have been dealt with before. Such as, I am getting new lighters in my car (both had blown) so that we can plug in the DVD players. Oh, and I am finally archiving all of my pictures to CDs in case something were to happen to my laptop while we’re gone (since anything happening to my computer would mean the loss of, oh, every picture that I have ever taken of all of my children). Almost a dozen CDs later, I am currently burning the very last one.

So I’m stressed. I’m wound just a little too tight. I’m rapidly approaching the point where it feels like my skin is on inside-out. And, of course, the more that I need my kids to just entertain themselves so I can get everything accomplished, the more they!

Pray for my sanity. By the time this is all over, I’m gonna need a vacation.



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2 responses to “Down to the Wire

  1. I know exactly what you mean about Sundays not being a day of rest… maybe when the kids are a little older we’ll feel that way. But, somehow it’s still my favorite day. I hope you have a great family getaway!

  2. I appreciate your keeping sick kids at home. That’s a rule that we follow as well. :o) How fun that you’re finally leaving for FL. I completely understand the planning and preparation for a long trip (even short ones). I like the dogtag idea – sounds VERY useful! Have a fun time!

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