Small Children and Situational Ethics

Background for my non-LDS readers: The Book of Mormon tells of a family of people who left Jerusalem about 600 BC and became the ancestors of what we consider to be Native Americans. As this family was leaving Jerusalem, they were instructed to return for brass plates containing, essentially, the early books of the Old Testament. Because of the importance of having these gospel records, the one son was instructed to kill a wicked man who was preventing them from obtaining these brass plates. And now the story…

All of the primary kids (3-11 years old) in our stake (grouping of several congregations in our area) have been challenged to read from the Book of Mormon this month. The younger kids are reading from the Book of Mormon Reader, which puts the stories into almost a comic book format. My kids loved it the first day. We missed yesterday, so I was playing catch-up at bedtime. Part of today’s reading was the story of Nephi and his brothers returning to Jerusalem for the brass plates. The killing of Laban was not glossed over at all.

N~: Why did he kill that guy?

Because the Holy Ghost told him to.

N~: Someday, the Holy Ghost will tell me to kill someone.

No, you won’t ever be told to kill someone.

N~: Why won’t I kill someone?

Because killing people is very, very naughty.

W~: So why was he naughty and killed that guy?

I had to talk in circles with both of them like that for a couple of minutes before I got frustrated and just went with don’t worry about it–moving on.

So, we will complete the Book of Mormon challenge, but my kids may end up thinking that it is OK to kill people.

Sweet dreams.



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2 responses to “Small Children and Situational Ethics

  1. I never understood that story, then or now. And situational ethics is one of the reasons I haven’t become a parent. The idea of socializing a child terrifies me. Stories like the myth of Laban and Nephi make it doubly undesirable.

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