I’m Raising Little Sexists

My Young Women from church leave for camp next week. One of the things they are supposed to do while at camp is use two different methods of outdoor cooking to prepare a meal. The problem is that the camp they are going to is providing all of their food for them (*ahem* cushy camp experience *ahem*). To deal with this issue, we planned to have our weekly activity at my house so the girls could roast hot dogs and make banana boats in the camp fire.

I told my boys earlier today that all of the girls would be coming over. This is, roughly, the conversation that followed:

N~: Why are the girls coming over?

They need to cook food over the fire.

N~: So, are their dads coming?

No. Just the girls.

N~: So, who is going to cook the food?

The girls are.

N~: But they aren’t boys!

Huh??? Should I just go ahead and apologize to his future wife now?


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