Oh Yes, They Call Him the Streak

This afternoon was spent in another family gathering, this time with Sean’s family. There were lots of people and lots of food. Everything wasn’t ready when it was supposed to be, but we ate well, anyhow. The afternoon was all about time outside and having fun together.

Sean’s aunt brought a three-pound hula hoop designed for trimming your waistline. N~ was hooked. He spent most of the afternoon swiveling his skinny hips, trying to make that thing work. Do you remember the scene in Forrest Gump where a young Forrest is trying to dance like Elvis Presley? Yeah, it looked a lot like that.

W~, too, worked on a new skill today, although with more success. His cousins had brought bikes and he wanted to ride. The problem was that none of the bikes had training wheels. So W~ got Sean to hold the bike steady while he tried to ride. In the beginning, he was only going a little distance before crashing unceremoniously. For awhile, Sean was having him ride in the grass because, even though it was harder to balance, the landing wasn’t nearly as rough. By the time we left to come home, W~ was streaking up and down the driveway on that bike. No problem.

What is up with my freak children who learn to ride two-wheel bikes when they are three-years-old? My gosh! I was something like seven when I learned. (I told my niece, A~ about it this evening and she got a strange look on her face then said, “I didn’t even learn until I was eight or nine.”) But, yes, N~ was riding training wheel-free at three, too.

Oh! Thank goodness! When you mentioned “The Streak” in the title, I was afraid it would be something a little less innocent than bike riding.

Just wait. We’re not done yet.

We got home about an hour before bedtime for the kids. Sean decided, since they were all looking pretty shaggy, that they would go next door and ask Grandma for haircuts (yes, my mother cuts my husband’s and children’s hair). C~ was determined to be first. W~ asked if he could go play outside. Sean told him he could play in the side yard as long as he came right in when we told him it was his turn for a haircut.

Near the end of C’s haircut, I asked Sean to check on W~. Shortly, I heard something to the effect of, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Katie! He’s outside, playing, butt naked!”

And so he was.

In the side yard, not a stitch of clothing, playing with a pink balloon.

How’s that for a visual?

What’s that I said the other day about this child’s complete lack of common sense? I asked him why the heck he didn’t have any clothes on. “Oh,” he told me, “I was just getting ready for my bath.” Uh huh. I guess it is time for a review of how long in advance we prepare for a bath. When the water is running would be a good time. When you still have time to play and get a haircut would not.

Assuming I don’t have any more kids, I only have eighteen more years of this kind of stuff, right? (Except the public nudity–that better end a whole lot faster.)



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2 responses to “Oh Yes, They Call Him the Streak

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    That was funny!

  2. That’s hilarious!! We’ve had a couple public nudity incidents too… luckily we have a privacy fence in the back yard! Ahh, the joys of motherhood. 🙂

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