Things That Annoy Me

When my children throw tantrums, I frequently tell them that if they need to whine and cry, they can go and do it in their rooms. Sometimes I think it helps them to just get it out, but I sure as heck don’t want to have to listen to it. I don’t usually feel the need to cry it out (although I sometimes feel thisclose to a mental breakdown), but I sure feel the need to vent sometimes.

Welcome to my virtual bedroom. (Oh, heck, I’m probably going to get perv hits on that one.) You can read my tantrum if you want. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Things That Annoy Me:

  1. When people say they will meet you somewhere at a certain time, then haven’t even left their house when you get there. I firmly believe that people who aren’t where they say they will be, when they say they will be there are passive aggressively telling you that they think they are more important than you are. I feel massive guilt when I make people wait even a few minutes for me because I respect their time.
  2. When people say they won’t put inconsiderate, late people ahead of you, then leave you to sit in the hot sun, alone with four little kids, for about forty five minutes. And don’t call to say they decided to wait after all.
  3. When I tell the concession stand girl that I want (and I quote) “a little bit of ice with a whole  lot of Diet Coke” and she fills the cup 2/3 full of ice before putting any soda in.
  4. Our zoo added a little amusement park section in the front. Neat. They decided that you should have to pay a couple of buck per person per ride. What a rip.
  5. If you are walking through the zoo, and you happen to run into someone you know, and you are both pushing strollers, don’t stand with the strollers side by side so they completely block off the narrow sidewalk you are standing on. And don’t ignore me as I stand there wanting to push my stroller past you. I may feel tempted to take out your shins.
  6. Driving home today (in heavy, big city rush hour traffic), there was a sign on the highway bypass, a few miles before the on-ramp to the main highway. It instructed drivers to merge to the left. I moved over one lane. The right lane never died. I eventually had to go back over to the still-unimpeded right lane to get on my highway. What the heck?

OK, just so you don’t think I’m a total downer, I’ll finish with a second list.

Things That Make Me Smile:

  1. Little boys nervously holding out cups of nectar to feed tropical birds. Too cute!
  2. A twelve-year-old niece who offered to carry the baby when he was obviously sick of being in the stroller.
  3. A ten-year-old nephew who actually got it and stopped saying “holy crap” when I explained to him that his younger cousins look to him as an example. (Is it weird that I totally don’t mind that phrase coming from an adult, but cringe at the thought of my little kids saying “crap” at all?)
  4. The fact that I have three little boys who are not only capable of saying “thank you,” but who actually do so. Unprompted. I take it as evidence that, somewhere along the line, I have actually done something right.
  5. Spending a day at the zoo with my kids (even if plenty of  other things ticked me off today, nothing beats doing fun things with my boys).

I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel better. Here’s hoping for a day without annoyances tomorrow.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Like that would ever happen.


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