No Rest For the Weary

After church today, we headed over to Sean’s dad’s house for a family dinner with him, our family, Sean’s brother, and two of our nieces. Part of our afternoon was spent in Grandpa’s swimming pool (those of you who read my mom’s blog now know where I stood on her survey). We had fun together. We all bonded. We spent time being close. Close enough, in fact, to notice that C~ wasn’t smelling so fresh.

I grabbed some wipes and laid him down on the grass. Then I tore open the swim diaper. Oh. My. Gosh. This was the first time that any of my kids had pooped in a swim diaper. I was greeted by something that resembled watery mud. Blech. All I can say is I hope that they use a lot of chlorine in Grandpa’s pool.

When we came in, we decided to take the kids straight in for a bath. I got the water going and sent N~ and W~ in while I took C’s swimsuit off outside (and, yes, it was because of the swim diaper issue). I walk back into the bathroom and see W~ in the tub with his suit on. I told him to take it off. He stands up and starts pulling down his suit. And I realize that it contains a nugget. And I’m not talking about the golden kind.

So I start yelling at him to stop trying to take the swimsuit off.

Plop goes the nugget into the water.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa screams the mommy, who has never ever had to go poo fishing before.

I pull all of the kids out of the tub and start draining the water because, obviously, my kids can’t bathe in poo-tainted water.

C~ chooses this moment to pee on Grandpa’s bath mat.

There are times when I just feel like I should go bathe in bleach.


When my mom was in Vietnam a few months ago, she decided to buy silk kimonos for all of the females in the family. Mine has a beautiful jade green and gold floral pattern. It is heavy. It has long sleeves and goes to the floor. It, for the most part, hangs undisturbed in my closet. Silk isn’t the type of fabric you wear around poop and spit-up.

Last night, for some reason, I was weary in a way that made the idea of being draped in silk sound wonderful. So I traded my t-shirt and pajama pants for the kimono.

Apparently, it is a magic kimono. Because putting it on must have changed this white girl (all wavy hair and green eyes of me) into some sort of geisha. Yes, I know what a geisha is. Yes, that is the reference I wanted to use.

Mental note: wearing a silk kimono doesn’t ensure a restful evening.



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2 responses to “No Rest For the Weary

  1. Nancy

    ROFL, or whatever the abbreviations are.

  2. That’s hilarious. I too have had to go poop fishing before, but I was too grossed out to finish the job. I made Jon take care of it. 😉

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