Like a Chicken with Her Head Cut Off

So much to say–so little time to say it.

I got a phone call on Monday. A BIG phone call. T~ called to ask me what I was doing on Thursday and could she, maybe, come for a visit then. Of course! We have been trying to work out a visit for months now. It has been over a year since the last time we saw each other. She and I have each added another baby since then, and the other kids have done a lot of growing up during that time, too.

And, of course, N~ has really figured out who T~ is in relation to him during that time period. I have warned her that he asks questions about her being his “other mom” (she was shocked that he already gets it). I’m curious to see if he will ask her questions about it tomorrow. I’m also a bit nervous for her sake. I’ve gotten to grow into his questions. Anything he asks her would seem a little more out of left field.

So, what do you do when getting ready for company that you haven’t seen in over a year? Let’s see:

  • This morning I am trying to do my normal general cleaning stuff. If I’m lucky, I might have the chance to pull out the carpet scrubber.
  • During nap time I plan to work on the teddy bears I started last night for T’s three kids. (What? You don’t get ready for company by making handmade teddy bears? Slackers!)
  • This afternoon will be any cleaning, sewing, carpet scrubbing that doesn’t occur this morning.
  • Voice lessons at 6:00 pm.
  • Youth group at 7:00 pm.
  • Before bed I need to clean the nasty ferret cage (he “redecorated” his cage, moving the litter box out of the corner, then continued to poop in the now litter box free corner). Yuck.
  • Somewhere in there, I need to buy food for tomorrow and flax seed, cloves, and plastic eyes for the teddy bears.

No problem, right?


Oh, and to add to the day, I seem to have developed a clogged milk duct. Faaaaabulous.


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One response to “Like a Chicken with Her Head Cut Off

  1. mamalutz

    Oh yeah teddy bears are on my list along with hand knit sweaters too….beat that one ha (NOT! I don’t even know how to knit :)) You are super woman! Good luck!

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